Senior School

The Senior School at Kingsley to provides students with a broad, balanced, and stimulating academic experience. Our curriculum is designed to build on student’s strong foundational skills while fostering creativity, intellectual curiosity, and independence.

Smaller Class Sizes

Kingsley’s small class sizes allow us to stretch and support students’ learning according to their individual needs. Our personalised curriculum ensures that students can flourish academically and reach their potential, regardless of their starting points. Our hands-on and personal approach allows us to ensure students receive the right level of support to enable them to achieve their full potential, for example some students receive additional language support, while others are encouraged to take qualifications early.

Pastoral and Academic Support

We are renowned for the care and attention we give to our students, putting their wellbeing, individually and collectively at the heart of our school. This creates confidence and self-belief in our students, making for a happy, safe, enriching and respectfully community. Our highly experienced team of tutors offer outstanding teaching expertise alongside personalised pastoral and academic care. Through close monitoring, we ensure each student receives the support they need to succeed. Learn more about our Pastoral Care.

Academic Achievement

Students flourish in our flexible, caring environment where every child is treated as an individual and their unique capabilities are encouraged. At GCSE level, the majority of students sit public examinations in core subjects, including English, English Literature, mathematics, the three separate sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), humanities, and a modern foreign language. While our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, Kingsley offers the flexibility to study additional subjects such as Spanish, Latin, classical civilisation, creative media, and drama. Pupils can also explore various design technology subjects, including food and textiles.

We are incredibly proud of our excellent GCSE results, in 2023 44% of students received level 9-7 (A*–A equivalent), compared to a national average of 18% in the Midlands.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Be it in music, sport, drama, outdoor pursuits or academic enrichment – we have a fine tradition of nurturing the diverse talents of our student community. We offer numerous opportunities for learning experiences outside the classroom, with a wide range of field trips and visits designed to enhance learning. Additionally, we provide a diverse programme of extra-curricular visits and activities. Read more about our Extra-Curricular Activities.

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about The Kingsley Senior School and to see if we’re the right fit for your son or daughter, contact our admissions team, or visit us at an open event.

"Students enjoy learning, while pursuing excellence and fulfilling their academic potential."
Independent Schools Inspectorate
The Kingsley School