The Kingsley Way

The Kingsley Way is what makes us distinctive and special – it’s our way of being and doing that defines us.

It includes our four core values and our holistic approach to education.

Our Values

We act with kindness

This means that we:
· Encourage everyone to contribute and value what they share
· Treat everyone with respect
· Celebrate individuality and show compassion for others and ourselves

We aim for excellence

This means that we:
· Set high standards for ourselves and each other
· Look for ways to challenge ourselves and learn
· Work hard to ensure that we are the best we can be

We create opportunity

This means that we:
· See possibilities instead of problems
· Remain curious about the world around us and explore new ideas
· Are courageous with a spirit of adventure

We build community

This means that we:
· Place relationships at the heart of all we do
· Are relentless in our work to promote the best outcomes for everyone
· Have the strongest sense of belonging to our community – and pride in what it means

Our Educational Pillars

Academic Education
Inspiring excellence in all areas of learning, teaching, and student achievement

Academic Education offers exceptional learning opportunities with our 4D Curriculum in the Prep School and over 30 exciting subjects in the Senior School, personalised pathways, and research-based teaching and learning. This all leads to excellent academic outcomes, ensuring our students are well-qualified and well-equipped for the future.

Positive Education
Locating wellbeing at the heart of our school

Positive Education brings the science of positive psychology to our Kingsley community. It focuses on specific skills that support girls and boys to build positive emotions, grow resilience, strengthen relationships, optimise strengths, promote mindfulness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle – underpinned by world-class pastoral care.

Discovery Education
Facilitating experiential learning beyond the classroom

Discovery Education helps our boys and girls develop confidence in practical ways, promoting independence, compassion, creativity, leadership, and resilience. Our education extends far beyond the classroom door and our students are constantly exposed to new ideas, activities, and opportunities. As the only Round Square school in the region and as part of Warwick Schools Foundation, Kingsley girls and boys benefit from extensive opportunities for collaboration and growth. Whether it’s through our world-class music programme, Duke of Edinburgh, or Friday afternoon activities, students are constantly given the chance to discover new things to complement their classroom learning.

Future-focused Education
Cultivating the skills, knowledge, and confidence to create the future

Future-focused Education teaches the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to thrive and make an impact on the world now and in the future. It moves away from the silos of knowledge and exam-based, standardised learning to an education that ensures our students are equipped with the skills and belief to change the world. Our exciting partnership with 8BillionIdeas alongside our own bespoke curriculum, together with the many opportunities we have being part of Warwick Schools Foundation, ensures our students have the skills and confidence to create their future and be a force for good in the world.

Underpinning our four educational pillars is our commitment to coaching with empowering conversations that foster wellbeing, growth, and performance.

The Kingsley Way has helped me to do things that I never thought I could such as going for Head Student, with the help and support of teachers and peers around me I felt as if I should go for it and I ended up being successful in getting the role alongside Maddie Gamble.
Charlotte Farmer, Head Student
Being Head Student at Kingsley has allowed me to experience first-hand that we are encouraged to learn how we want to learn, dream how we want to dream and be who we want to be when embracing The Kingsley Way.
Maddie Gamble, Head Student
The Kingsley School