The Warwick School Foundation catering team works closely with our Head of Catering, Gavin Stevens, as well as the Food Council pupils in both Senior school and Prep school to put together our menus. The menus follow a four week rotation with much of the produce sourced locally and daily deliveries from a local bakery.

Our Approach to Eating

Healthy eating is integral to our ethos of general wellbeing. Children in Prep are introduced to the concept of a healthy diet through class discussion and play, and this is fostered by encouraging thought when choosing daily snacks. We educate our pupils to identify that all foods are required, in varying amounts, within a balanced diet thus providing nutrition vital for a healthy body. Exercise and diet go hand in hand, and pupils understand the importance of food as fuel. We provide catering underpinned by the philosophy that fresh food prepared on-site, by experienced chefs educates children of all ages that a healthy diet is tasty.

"Pupils are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle through PSHE lessons."
Independent Schools Inspectorate
The Kingsley School