Academic excellence, achievement and high aspirations are key features of a Kingsley education. We offer a range of scholarships for Year 7 and Sixth Form entry. Please view our Scholarship Booklet for further information.

Pioneer Scholarships

Our new Pioneer Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate a sense of adventure, entrepreneurship, curiosity and spirit of service.

What are they?
Created to mark the School’s 140th birthday, and to celebrate the extension of co-education into the Senior School and Sixth Form, these scholarships are aimed at individuals considering entry into Year 7 and Year 12, in 2025, who share the pioneering spirit of the School’s founder, Rose Kingsley. Our Pioneer Scholars will become positive role models within our community, inspiring others to achieve great things!

Successful scholars will be awarded a fee reduction of up to 50%.

To apply, please complete the Scholarship Application Form, using the Personal Statement section to tell us why you think you should be considered for a Pioneer Scholarship. This may include things you have already achieved in or out of school, but could also centre on how you plan to use your Kingsley education to become a pioneer in the future. Applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Headteacher.

King Henry VIII Scholarships

Open to pupils living in the CV34 postcode

The scholarships aim to recognise those young people who demonstrate outstanding achievements or the potential to do so – whether that be academic achievement or all-around achievement more generally.


Bursaries are means-tested awards offering free or discounted fees based on financial need.

Across Warwick Schools Foundation, we offer two different type of bursary – one which is based on where the child lives (the CV34 Awards) and one which is open to families from all postcodes (our Foundation bursaries). The funding available from a bursary operates on a sliding scale – from 100% of fees covered, to smaller proportions, dependent on household income.

To be eligible for a bursary-funded place at one of our schools, children must also meet the usual conditions of entry – that is, they must satisfy the requirements of the school’s assessment and interview processes. There are limited funds available, so not all children who are offered a place at the school will also be offered a bursary, even if the financial assessment deems them to be eligible. The bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis and are limited to the funds available. All bursaries are re-assessed annually.

The support available is based on a combination of the following:

  1. Financial need – determined by a means testing assessment by our external partners Bursary Assessment Associates (BAA).
  2. Your child’s performance – based on exam results, the interview and the report received from your child’s current school.
  3. Overall demand – bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis, as limited funds are available.

CV34 Awards

The CV34 Awards are a specific set of bursaries which are earmarked for children whose families live within the CV34 postcode. The school is grateful to King Henry VIII Endowed Trust and The Charity of Sir Thomas White, Warwick for their financial support for this set of bursaries.

To be eligible for a CV34 Award, applicants must fulfil the three criteria above AND live in the CV34 postcode area.

Means Testing

All bursaries are allocated following means testing of applicants. This is established based on relevant ‘net income’ of all those with parental responsibility. The amount of discount is offered on a sliding scale. If your gross household income exceeds £99,025 (for the CV34 Award) or £69,000 (for the Foundation bursary), you will not be eligible, and if you have substantial assets, you are unlikely to qualify

If your child qualifies for a bursary place, they will also receive support towards other school costs. This will be applied at the same rate as the bursary – so for example, if the bursary covers 50% of fees, then half of the amounts in the table below will also be covered.

For 2024/25 academic year:
Uniform – up to £750 over 7 years (between Year 7 and Year 13)
Essential curriculum trips – up to £600 over 7 years (between Year 7 and Year 13)
Bring Your Own Device – up to £1,000 over 7 years (to cover two devices in that time)
Please note that if your child qualifies for free school meals, then there will be no additional charge for lunches.

Application for a bursary

To apply for a bursary, parents are required to apply to the School through the normal registration form, and tick the box indicating they would like to be assessed for a bursary. On receipt of the School application, you will then be sent a confidential link to submit your details for the financial assessment to BAA, the School’s external partners. You will be told of the deadline to do this, in order to receive an indication of whether you may be eligible ahead of the entrance exam.

Please note that an indication that you may be eligible for financial assistance at this stage does not mean a bursary place has been offered as this is still subject to the usual admissions processes and overall demand for bursaries.

You will be required to provide detailed financial information including income, expenditure and details of your net assets. The financial analysis is based on both parents jointly, regardless of current living arrangements.

Please be advised that in some cases the Foundation reserves the right to attend a home visit in order to discuss the financial schedule.

Further information about bursaries can be obtained from our Admissions team: or call 01926 421368.

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Scholarship Booklet

Further details for scholarships are available in our Scholarship Booklet. Download via the image above (PDF – 0.2 MB)

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