Academic excellence, achievement and high aspirations are key features of a Kingsley education. We offer a range of scholarships for Year 7 and Sixth Form entry. Please view our Scholarship Booklet for further information.


Bursaries are awards offering free or discounted fees based on financial need. The Foundation Awards scheme offers the possibility of free or discounted places based on means testing. The bursaries are offered on a sliding scale, dependent upon parental income and subject to results of entrance examination and interview. They are awarded on a competitive basis and are limited to funds available. Each bursary is reassessed annually.

Within the bursaries available from the Foundation, are the CV34 Awards. These funds are specifically earmarked for children whose families live within the CV34 postcode and the school is grateful to King Henry VIII Endowed Trust and The Charity of Sir Thomas White, Warwick for their financial support.

The support available is based on a combination of the following:

  1. Financial Need – determined by a means testing assessment
  2. Your child’s performance – based on exam results, the interview and the report received from your child’s current school
  3. Overall demand – bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis, as limited funds are available.

Means testing is established based on relevant ‘net income’ of all those with parental responsibility, assessed on completion of the application. The amount of discount is offered on a sliding scale, if your gross household income does exceed £69,158, or you have substantial assets, you are unlikely to qualify.

You will be required to provide detailed financial information including income, expenditure and details of your net assets. The financial analysis is based on both parents jointly, regardless of current living arrangements.

The Foundation works with a third party, Bursary Assessment Associates (BAA) to conduct the financial reviews. Please indicate on the general application form if you are interested in a Bursary and the Admissions team will be in touch with next steps.

Please be advised that in some cases the Foundation reserves the right to attend a home visit in order to discuss the financial schedule.

Please note that there is a competitive element to bursary awards, and the pupil’s results in the entrance examination, interview, and report will be taken into consideration alongside means testing and the overall demand.

If your child qualifies for a bursary place, they will also receive support towards other school costs. This will be applied at the same rate as the bursary – so for example, if the bursary covers 50% of fees, then half of the amounts in the table below will also be covered.

For 2024/25 academic year:
Uniform – up to £750 over 7 years (between Year 7 and Year 13)
Essential curriculum trips – up to £600 over 7 years (between Year 7 and Year 13)
Bring Your Own Device – up to £1,000 over 7 years (to cover two devices in that time)
Please note that if your child qualifies for free school meals, then there will be no additional charge for lunches.

Further information about bursaries can be obtained from our Admissions team: or call 01926 421368.

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Scholarship Booklet

Further details for scholarships are available in our Scholarship Booklet. Download via the image above (PDF – 0.2 MB)

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