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Looking for the right school to help your daughter to achieve her potential?

Discover academic excellence and holistic development at The Kingsley School, where personalised attention and diverse co-curricular activities encourage success. Join our inclusive community and unlock your child’s potential with access to world-class facilities within the esteemed Warwick Schools Foundation.

Request a callback from our friendly admissions team who will be on hand to support you during your application to The Kingsley School, including information on fees.

Due to our small class sizes, we have limited places available for this September.

Academic Achievement

We’re immensely proud of our academic track record. Our dedicated academic staff provide personalised attention to each student, ensuring they surpass national standards and achieve their fullest potential.

Beyond The Classroom

At The Kingsley School, we offer a holistic approach to learning, with a diverse range of co-curricular activities. From sports to arts, our students develop resilience, determination, and crucial life skills for lifelong success.

Inclusive Community

We’re proud of our strong, inclusive community. We celebrate diversity and embrace each student’s unique strengths and personalities. Here, everyone belongs, creating a safe, enjoyable environment where every individual thrives.

Warwick Schools Foundation

As part of the prestigious Warwick Schools Foundation, The Kingsley School students have access to a wide range of world-class teaching facilities. From prestigious music facilities to cutting-edge equipment, our students benefit from unparalleled resources across various disciplines.

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"Pupils enjoy learning, while pursuing excellence and fulfilling their academic potential."
Independent Schools Inspectorate

    The Kingsley School