18th October 2023 Kingsley News

What is the most important thing about a school?

Is it the quality of teaching? Is it the facilities? Is it the pastoral support, the extra-curricular offering, pupils’ academic achievements or the opportunities they have to explore the world beyond school? Of course, it goes without saying that all of these are essential, but what draws them together? What philosophy brings coherence to the lived experience of a school community?

The guiding lights of any community are the values and ethos which underpin it. They cascade down the generations, transcend the day-to-day, and are firmly rooted in how we behave and interact. At Kingsley, the ethos and values have formed over many years – almost 140 years, in fact – and are so deeply embedded that they are part of the air we breathe.

Ask anyone who is familiar with Kingsley and they will describe the school’s family feel. They will speak of kindness, our commitment to nurturing every pupil, to finding the best in everyone and, in so doing, enabling all our pupils to succeed. Our new mantra – ‘LEARN. TO FLY the Kingsley way’ – encapsulates this perfectly. It has resonated so deeply with pupils, parents, staff and alumni because it is a truth which is lived through every fibre of the school’s being.

Whilst this culture is as tangible as the bricks and mortar of our Leamington home, it is always wonderful when it is endorsed by others. In 2019, Kingsley was awarded Round Square status, joining a vibrant network of like-minded schools in over 50 countries around the globe. More recently, our ISI inspection report highlighted the strength of our ethos, the resilience of our community, and the tangible impact this has on learning and outcomes. The highlights may be found here and the full report here.

We have a long tradition of offering these transformative opportunities to boys and girls in our Prep School. Earlier this term, we announced our exciting plans to extend our co-educational offering to the Senior School and Sixth Form from 2025.

What will set Kingsley apart as a co-educational school? The answer is simple: our values and our ethos. By extending our through-school experience to boys, as well as girls, more local pupils will benefit from Kingsley’s unique environment which celebrates and nurtures them as individuals, helps them find their brilliance, and ensures future generations of compassionate, resilient, happy and fulfilled young adults enter the world beyond school.

Why wouldn’t you want this for your son, as well as your daughter?

The Kingsley School