10th November 2023 Kingsley News

Warwick District Scouts

During the half term Kingsley School kindly lent two minibuses to Warwickshire District Scouts shooting team so that they could travel to National Scouts Rifle Championships taking place at the Bisley National Shooting Centre.

Warwick District Scouts shooting team took 29 Scouts and Explorers and 8 leaders, including Amy, a Kingsley Student and member of 2nd Warwick Scout group.

Shooting over the weekend of 20 October to 22 October. Warwick District Scouts shooting team brought back their best haul of trophies ever. A total of 9 medals and trophies including Gold medal for Target Sprint, Silver Team medal for 6 yard pistol and Gold and Bronze Medal for Turning Target.

Amy Cornish shot well achieving good positions in the disciplines of 6 yard rifle, pistol and turning target.

Warwickshire District Scouts would like to thank Kingsley School for providing them the transportation to allow them to complete the event this year.

The Kingsley School