8th April 2024 Kingsley News

View from my window

As part of a Warwick Schools Foundation Arts Festival in 2024, which has the theme of ‘Home’, we are creating a Kingsley School Alumnae online gallery of ‘View from my window’ images provided by our Kingsley alumnae around the UK and overseas.

We would like to invite any Kingsley alumnae and former staff to email a single image showing a ‘View from my window’. The view could be of anything, from home, work or place of study, at any time of the year. Each ‘View from my window’ will appear on our new online gallery and will be part of a physical display at the school during the Festival.

To respect people’s privacy, unless you have permission, it’s best that no people are included in the image. Views, wildlife, events or anything fun, unusual or just a good photo would be great.

We would love you to take part! Please add an image to the gallery by emailing it to alumnae@kingsleyschool.co.uk with your name, years at Kingsley School, approximate date the photo was taken and a caption.

Spring flowers
Jennifer Stephens
Kingsley staff 2001-10

View from my bedroom window, Botswana
Sue Hurst
Kingsley 1961-67

The Aston Martin VIP Atrium. Models shown are DB12 Coupe, DB12 Volante & Valkyrie
Laura Woodfield
Kingsley 2005-12

The “Old Workshop“, Grittleton, N Wiltshire
Sue Newman
Kingsley 1951-58

From my desk in the office
Jody Fletcher
Kingsley 1989-94

Beautiful view from our office at the bottom of our garden, NW London
Gillian Howard
Kingsley 1957-68

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