12th September 2023 Kingsley News

Talented Athlete Programme

Introducing Our Talented Athlete Programme

This year sees the launch of our new programme, designed to support our young athletes as they navigate their way to success within their sports

It is widely acknowledged that achieving excellence in any sport, or indeed any pursuit in life, demands unwavering dedication and (as our sports stars always tell us) LOTS of practice! Balancing these commitments with the academic side of school life can be challenging. The Talented Athlete Programme aims to help our most committed and talented student-athletes fulfil the training and competitive elements of their sports, whilst also reaching their potential in their academic studies.

Embedded within the framework of the Talented Athlete Programme are a range of experiences, resources and support mechanisms. Each student-athlete is assigned a dedicated sports mentor, who they meet with on a half-termly basis (or more frequently if required) to discuss their progress and successes, along with any challenges they are facing, and plan their next steps. Strong student-teacher relationships are hugely important and a real benefit of attending a smaller school like Kingsley. This personalised approach to growth and development is a key element of the programme.

In addition to Q&A sessions with guest speakers, termly workshops hone specific skills and techniques, enabling our athletes to remain at the forefront of their game. The first workshop, held in January, focused on ‘The Power of the Mind’, looking in detail at the importance of mindset in sport, and how athletes can mentally prepare themselves for peak performance. The next workshop, due to take place in May and entitled ‘The Adolescent Athlete’, will look at some of the most common injuries in young athletes, signs and symptoms to be aware of, and preventative measures.

We are extremely fortunate to have joined forces with Prime Clinic in Leamington Spa. Katie and Remi Mobed and their team have a wealth of experience working with elite athletes. Katie is one of the UK’s most sought-after performance psychologists; she has worked with some of the world’s best athletes, including with Team GB for the last decade. Remi is a leading physiotherapist, specialising in both rehabilitation and performance; he has worked with the England Football and England Rugby teams. Our talented athletes will benefit hugely from their expertise and guidance.

Alongside additional academic support, individuals will receive support with scholarship applications and finding pathways to realise their full potential, both on and off the field. They will also be enrolled onto the Ignite Programme – an online programme designed to help them gain a deeper understanding of some of the pressures they could face in the sporting world, how to deal with these and, ultimately, enjoy their sport. Each 20-minute module focuses on a different topic such as ‘The High Performer’s Brain’, ‘Performing Under Pressure’, ‘Confidence’ and ‘Recovering from Setbacks’.

Year 8 student, Maisie C (pictured), is a keen athlete and footballer. When she joined the Senior School in September 2022, her PE teachers quickly recognised how talented she was and nominated her for county trials. She now plays football for Warwickshire and coaches younger pupils in the Prep School. “The experience has developed my understanding of football,” reflects Maisie, “not just as a player but also as a coach and a referee.” Maisie is pleased to have been invited to join the Talented Athlete Programme, saying: “The programme will improve my knowledge of how to keep fit and motivated. It will also help me deal with some of the pressures that come with playing competitive sport.”

As our Talented Athlete Programme becomes firmly embedded, we look forward to witnessing the growth and achievements of each and every participant. For further information about the programme, please speak to our Director of Sport, Mrs Warrillow.

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