Career Programme

Kingsley’s career programme reflects the aims and aspirations of our students. With a programme of activities throughout Senior School and Sixth Form, we support the students to explore career areas they may be aware of, but also to broaden their knowledge and experiences to motivate them to consider a range of possibilities. We encourage them to challenge the stereotypes, to raise their aspirations and to develop themselves and their talents.

Just as important however, we want to support them in developing the employability skills needed to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving workplace – adaptability, resilience and a good understanding of their own strengths and attributes to make effective career decisions throughout their lives. We want to equip our students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful transition to university/college, apprenticeships or employment.

The careers department at Kingsley aims to help students to:

  • Assess their personal skills, talents, interests and aspirations.
  • Aim high in their education and career choices.
  • Develop their decision making skills.
  • Increase their awareness of educational training and careers opportunities.
  • Make a successful transition from school to higher education and ultimately into work.
  • Foster a love of life-long learning and continual self-development to help sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives.

Modern careers guidance is as much about inspiration and aspiration as it is about advice, and many are responsible for guiding our students on their career journey; school staff, careers professionals, family, friends and employers. We have built up excellent partnerships with local businesses and professionals who offer work experience placements, practice interviews and support our guest speaker programme.

There is a dedicated careers office in the Sixth Form Centre with a wide variety of reference materials to aid research and decision making. Resources are also available in the Library (LRC).

Careers education is embedded into the school curriculum at Kingsley, thus:

  • A programme of outside speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds to inspire and enthuse students and provide genuine ‘moments of inspiration’.
  • All year groups receive careers education as part of PSHE and ongoing impartial advice and guidance.
  • A termly newsletter to inform, inspire and signpost current opportunities.
  • A biennial Futures Fair, aimed at years 9-13 to meet and talk to representatives from a wide variety of businesses and different career sectors. Individual and personalised support, advice and guidance, in-house and with external careers experts.
  • A programme of visiting speakers and workshops to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week and National Careers Week.
  • Year 7s enjoy a fun, fast-paced ‘Guess My Job’ careers investigation day.
  • Year 9s participate in an Enterprise Challenge to develop key employability skills in a fun, interactive session.
  • Year 10s can choose to undertake psychometric profiling to assist them in their careers choices ahead.
  • Year 10s take part in an Enterprise Challenge to strengthen these skills and raise funds for a local charity.
  • Year 11s receive ongoing impartial advice and guidance.
  • Additional workshops in school led by local experts, e.g. ‘Building Your Future’ exploring professional opportunities in the construction industry.
  • Workshops outside of school hours for parents and students to learn more about specific topics, e.g. the future workplace, degree apprenticeships.
  • In Sixth Form, access to and support with the UCAS website and higher education applications, opportunity for Year 12 to attend a UCAS convention, networking breakfasts, Unifrog support and a Study Abroad workshop. A Higher Education evening is also available for parents and students in Year 12.
  • Young Enterprise opportunities available from Year 12.
  • Mock interviews for year 13 students in preparation for university entrance.
  • A full enrichment programme in sixth form offering guidance on a variety of topics, such as CV writing, interview tips, your digital brand, employability skills.
  • Support securing work experience placements in years 10 and 12, increasingly vital these days.
"The provision of careers advice is valued by the pupils, who speak highly of the advice they are given as they progress through the school."
Independent Schools Inspectorate

Students are encouraged in Years 10 and 12 to undertake work experience, which provides an invaluable opportunity for them to develop their insight into the world of work, and the skills, responsibilities and attitudes that are required in today’s workplace. It provides a chance for them to learn about different industries/sectors, helps them to relate their studies to the world of employment, and assists them in making a more informed decision about their future careers and life beyond school. Links with employers, our alumnae and up to date LMI knowledge (labour market information) means we understand the current marketplace and know what employers are looking for.

In the Sixth Form, students are required to make important decisions regarding higher education and their future careers and personalised guidance is always available on the many opportunities ahead to them. In year 12, students attend a higher education convention and take part in a ‘Next Steps’ workshop exploring different pathways ahead. Students are permitted to attend university open days during term, but are encouraged to do so in their own time so as not to disrupt their studies. During year 13, professional support and guidance on UCAS applications means that nearly all students receive offers from their first choice institution.  A full enrichment programme ensures guidance on a variety of topics, such as CV writing, interview tips, your digital brand, employability skills, student finance, and university survival skills. Mock interviews are held during the autumn term for year 13s with the participation of outside specialists.  The vast majority of students leaving us progress to higher education, with others securing competitive higher level apprenticeship placements.  Recent leaver destinations include Surrey, Loughborough and Exeter, with students moving on to study an impressive array of subjects such as Law, Business Management, and Communication and Media Studies.  Whatever they choose, we support them in fulfilling their potential and equip them with great career management skills to help them achieve their aims.

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