27th November 2023 Kingsley News

Senior School Taster Morning memories

On Saturday 25th November we were delighted to welcome Year 5 girls and boys to our Senior School Taster Morning. They learned some impressive moves during a Kung Fu session in the gym, led by experienced tutor Bill Wright who works with pupils across the Warwick Schools Foundation. In a combined DT and art lesson, they made their very own LED torches, which they decorated in the style of well-known artists. They also enjoyed in an exciting science lesson which ended with an old Kingsley favourite – dropping paper ‘seeds’ from the landing and observing the impact of seed length and weight on the time taken to reach the ground!

During the fun-packed morning, the pupils had the opportunity to experience break time in the dining room, where they sampled Kingsley food, and chatted with staff and Sixth Formers who were on hand to answer any questions they had. Parents were invited to a talk with Mr Richard Nicholson, Foundation Principal; they also heard from Heads of School, Maisie and Jasmine, who spoke about their Kingsley journeys.

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