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Academic care at The Kingsley School is as outstanding as the pastoral care for which we are well known.

Kingsley accepts bright girls who are full of potential, keen to learn and who want to succeed. Many students achieve better in a small, caring environment where every girl is treated as an individual. At Kingsley girls are names not numbers.

Girls achieve their potential and in many cases exceed their own expectations. Staff know girls well so are able to tailor teaching techniques and personalise learning to encourage self-belief.

The many extracurricular opportunities on offer at Kingsley boost confidence and girls thrive during their time at the school, which has a positive effect on academic success. In a small school more girls get more opportunities and our policy is to have an inclusive approach to all activities.

Kingsley’s motto “Esse Quam Videri” – be what you seem to be or be true to yourself – is more than three motivational words in Latin. It captures the ethos at Kingsley which encourages, supports and enables girls to achieve their academic best in as stress-free an environment as is possible and where learning is fun and fulfilling.

GCSE Results 2019


% 9 to 7


% 9 – 6


% 9 – 4

The Kingsley community is celebrating superb results in this year’s GCSE examinations, following on from a fantastic set of A-level results.

83% of students attained level 9-7 (A*-A equivalent) grades. Of all grades, 39% were at level 9-7 (A*-A), 69% were at level 9-6 (A*-B equivalent) and 98% at level 9-4 (A*-C equivalent). Exceptional performances were seen in all three sciences, with multiple A*As and a 100% pass rate. Top marks were also seen in music, geography, religious studies, PE, Spanish, Latin, history and drama.

Among the many individual success stories were:

Emily Talbot, who achieved 8 level 9-7 grades, including 5 grade 9s
Lara Whitmore, who achieved 8 level 9-7 grades, including 4 grade 9s
Lily Lawson, who achieved 9 level 9-7 grades, including 4 grade 9s
Imogen DeArmitt, who achieved 9 level 9-7 grades
Gemma Hotchkiss, Lily Clarke and Georgie Green, who all achieved 7 level 9-7 grades

Head Teacher, Ms Heather Owens, says: “I am full of pride for the girls’ individual success stories today. The results reflect the hard work of the girls and the strong partnership between students, staff and parents. They also reflect Kingsley’s academic rigour across the board with top grades improving yet again. It is particularly impressive that the girls achieve so well academically whilst balancing their many extra-curricular commitments, from Duke of Edinburgh, to LAMDA, performing and sporting successes. We are extremely proud of the well-rounded individuals they have become, and look forward to seeing them continue to flourish in the future.

GCSE Results 2019

A-Level Results 2019


% A* to A


% A* to B


% A* to C


% A* to D


% A* to E


% Pass Rate

Kingsley girls, their parents and staff are celebrating fantastic results and outstanding personal achievements that have secured a diverse range of choice destinations for their leavers this year.

The Kingsley School Sixth Form has excelled, with a third of all grades A* -As, two thirds of grades A*-B and 82% A*-C. Exceptional performances were in mathematics, the sciences, business studies, geography, art and music, with top marks gained in economics, psychology, health and social care, IT and sport.

Many girls have secured places at their first choice universities, with the remainder gaining places at their second choice destination or opting for gap year opportunities. Amongst the excellent destinations are:

Head Girl Katie Neal, studying Music at University of Leeds
Head Girl Chloe Esom, studying Zoology at University of Exeter
Sophie Hawthorn, studying Business, Economics and Finance at Loughborough University
Heather Burton, studying Business Management at University of Exeter
Lucy Channing, studying Law at Liverpool University
Molly King, studying Law at Birmingham University
Matilda Dumas, studying Conservation and Forestry at Bangor University
Anya Sanders, who is training to be a Norland Nanny
Hollie Russell, who has gained a pharmacy apprenticeship
Millie Hatton and Mia Clarke, who gained a run of Distinction Stars in their Cambridge Technicals, are still considering the many options available to them.

Head Teacher, Ms Heather Owens, says: “Our aim is for our leavers to be strong independent young women who have good character and confidence – these are just as important today as qualifications. We are as proud as ever of our excellent results so I am thrilled with our girls and their successes today – they are all now on their varied pathways to achieving their life goals and fulfilling futures thanks to their hard work and the whole staff team at Kingsley.”

A Level Results 2019

"Exam performance is above the national average for girls… Across all years the percentage of A* and A grades has been significantly above the national average… The higher grade results at A-Level are comparable with those in grammar schools."
Independent Schools Inspectorate