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Academic care at The Kingsley School is as outstanding as the pastoral care for which we are well known.

Kingsley accepts bright girls who are full of potential, keen to learn and who want to succeed. Many students achieve better in a small, caring environment where every girl is treated as an individual. At Kingsley girls are names not numbers.

Girls achieve their potential and in many cases exceed their own expectations. Staff know girls well so are able to tailor teaching techniques and personalise learning to encourage self-belief.

The many extracurricular opportunities on offer at Kingsley boost confidence and girls thrive during their time at the school, which has a positive effect on academic success. In a small school more girls get more opportunities and our policy is to have an inclusive approach to all activities.

Kingsley’s motto “Esse Quam Videri” – be what you seem to be or be true to yourself – is more than three motivational words in Latin. It captures the ethos at Kingsley which encourages, supports and enables girls to achieve their academic best in as stress-free an environment as is possible and where learning is fun and fulfilling.

GCSE Results 2018


% 9 to 8


% 9 – 7


% 5 x 9 – 4

The Kingsley community is celebrating superb results in this year’s GCSE examinations, following on from a fantastic set of A-level results.

Over a third of students achieved 5 or more 7-9 (A-A* equivalent) grades, with 23% achieving level 8 and 9 grades, and 11% achieving the highly coveted level 9 grade, five times the national average set last year. Nearly 100% scored A*-C grades, and 100% of students achieved 5 grades level 9 – 4 (A*- C equivalent). Many girls far exceeded grade predictions based on their performance on entry to the school, demonstrating the excellent progress made by girls who have the benefit of the personalised teaching and support a small school can offer.  Several girls exceeded predictions by more than 10 grades and one of the highest attainers in fact by 23 grades, at least 2 grades per subject.

Among the many individual success stories were:

Olivia Griffiths, from Stratford-upon-Avon, who was awarded 6 level 9s, 2 level 8s and 2 level 7s.

Molly Maher, from Stratford-upon-Avon, who was awarded 3 level 9s, 1 level 8, and 2 level 7s.

Annie Harper Radley, from Leamington Spa, who was awarded 2 level 9s and 4 level 8s.

Rebecca Winn, from Warwick, who has been juggling school work with an intensive national swimming training schedule, was awarded 2 level 9s and 3 level 8s, including maths and science.

Helen Lavery, from Stratford-upon-Avon, who was awarded 1 level 9, 5 level 8s and 4 level 7s.

Lily Constance, from Leamington Spa, who was awarded 6 levels 7 – 9.

Jenna Morgan, from Wellesbourne, who was awarded 6 levels 7 – 9.

Head Teacher, Ms Heather Owens, says: “I am thrilled for all of our girls, who have done so well to achieve their individual bests with the first year of a more difficult examination process. I am particularly proud of the value added achieved by our girls, with many grades above estimations on entry, thanks to our strong partnership between students, staff and parents. Being able to see our girls flourish over their time here and gain results to be proud of is an absolute joy and I look forward to hearing more about their continued success in sixth form.”

A-Level Results 2018


% A* to A


% A* to B


% A* to C


% A* to D


% A* to E


& Pass Rate

Kingsley girls, their parents and staff are celebrating fantastic results and outstanding personal achievements that have secured a diverse range of choice destinations for their leavers this year.

The Kingsley School Sixth Form has excelled, with top grades 10% above the national average. The school achieved a 99.9% pass rate with over a third of all grades A* -As. Nearly two thirds of grades were A*-B and 82% A*-C.

75% of girls gained places at their first choice universities, with the remainder gaining places at their second choice destination. Amongst the excellent results and destinations are:

Head Girl Tanya Saunders, AAAB, studying Law at University of Leeds
Olivia Connelly, A*A*A, studying English with Business at Loughborough University
Tilly Owen, AAA, studying Geography at University of Leeds
Georgie Hill, A*AB, studying Fashion with Marketing at University of Southampton
Head Girl Megan Levis, A*AB, training in Primary Teaching at University of Winchester
Helena Farren, A*AB, studying Liberal Arts at University of Exeter
Cemre Gurkan, Distinction* x 3 (A* equivalent), who will be studying in New South Wales in Australia
Eliza Moore, who was awarded A*AA in her subjects, is deciding on her destination
Lottie Wright is studying Geography and Planning at Newcastle University
Emily Pettigrew is studying Maths at Swansea University

There are also a number of girls who accepted unconditional offers, including Charlotte Dennison, ABB, for Events Management at Oxford Brookes and Steph Robinson for Veterinary Bio Sciences at Aberystwyth. Emilia Atherton will also be undertaking an apprenticeship in Primary Teaching.

Head Teacher, Ms Heather Owens, says: “I am extremely proud of the girls’ academic excellence and individual successes. The strength of the partnership between students and staff in over 20 subjects has resulted in our girls being able to pursue ambitious, exciting and diverse destinations. The pursuit of these personal goals is inspiring, demonstrating the Kingsley ‘can-do’ ethos that we value so highly. I look forward to hearing about their continued success in the future.”

"Exam performance is above the national average for girls… Across all years the percentage of A* and A grades has been significantly above the national average… The higher grade results at A-Level are comparable with those in grammar schools."
Independent Schools Inspectorate