Schemes & Insurances

The following insurance schemes are available to you via the Foundation on the basis of terms and conditions set by the insurers.  Full details and copies of all insurance brochures are available on the fees page of The Kingsley School website and you are asked to read these carefully.  We would in particular highlight the Fees Refund Scheme and the note below about disruption to income cover.

If you wish to opt in to any of the schemes below, please submit your preferences by completing the online Microsoft Form here: Schemes & Insurances Consent Form so that the appropriate charges can be included with your termly account as appropriate.  Do contact us at the Foundation Office if you require further information before completing the form.

Scheme Subscription Fees
Fees Refund Scheme – The Foundation does not refund fees for days when a pupil is absent for any reason including ill health.  If your child is absent, no discount will be applied to your bill.  However, a scheme is available via our insurance broker which provides fee refunds in the event of the pupil having five or more days’ illness (usually consecutive). Please note, in light of the Covid-19 crisis, this excludes absences as a direct result of pandemics and epidemics.  We would also advise that in cases of highly serious health issues, the Foundation may consider assistance regardless of whether a parent has this insurance. Opt in and return the form in the brochure to subscribe. 0.82% of the termly fee (day pupils) or 0.63% (boarders) added to your termly bill (ie the basic termly fee you pay before any extras)
Pupils’ Healthcare Scheme – Private medical cover is provided with AXA PPP Healthcare.  Please see brochure for more information or visit Opt in and complete online application and consent form (link in brochure via School website). £126.00* per term
added to your termly bill
Pupils’ Personal Effects Insurance – The Foundation’s general insurances includes only a limited form of cover with claim value limit of £250 subject to the claimant having no other relevant insurance in place.  Therefore, this scheme is provided offering cover to the value of £7,500.  Warwick School Boarders may particularly want to consider this.  You may wish to talk to your home insurance provider before deciding whether you wish to take out this cover. Opt in and return the form in the brochure to subscribe. £12.00* per term added to your termly bill
£1m Pupil Personal Accident including Dental Insurance – This provides one-off payments in case of significant injuries which result in permanent disability or death and payments if dental treatment or hospital stays are required following an accident. Automatically included

Our insurers will only offer this on an ‘all in’ basis and therefore all pupils are covered.

n/a – covered by the Foundation’s annual insurance premiums
*Fees include Insurance Premium Tax

Recommendation: please consider arranging Disruption to Income Cover

Insurances are available to provide cover in case the fee payer’s income is disrupted, for example, through redundancy or long-term illness.  The Foundation’s insurers do not provide such a scheme, but you can make your own arrangements through other providers and we would strongly advise parents to do so.

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