Prep School

Creative Arts

Prep students experiment with a wide variety of art and design techniques from an early age. These range from papier-mâché to puppet making, pastels to painting, and printing to work in textiles. Pupils are introduced to the work of visiting artists who hold workshops; they visit national and local art galleries, and benefit from entering national art competitions and a whole school art challenge for The Kingsley Art Prize.


Music and Drama also have an important part to play in the life of Prep pupils and lessons in both subjects are taught by subject specialist teachers. In addition to weekly class music lessons, there are many opportunities to take part in music activities, as the Prep School has a thriving choir and numerous ensembles, including wind, string, recorder and guitar. Pupils enjoy participating in music festivals and concerts and are given a wealth of performing opportunities including assemblies and, at the end of term, evening concerts involving pupils from both the Prep and the Senior School.

students stood around a park


At the end of the Summer Term, the Prep School celebrates the Arts with a week of creative opportunities for the children. Arts Week involves art, design and textiles workshops, dance sessions, a ‘Play in a Day’ experience, where the pupils collaborate and write, produce and perform their own play, as well as musical themed activities and performances.

students looking at pictures on a board
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