13th June 2024 Adam Hartland

Outdoor Adventures in Shropshire for Prep Pupils

On 13 May, pupils in Years 3 to 5 embarked on an exciting residential trip to Shropshire.

Nestled in the Corvedale Valley, the Culmington Manor estate is surrounded by woodlands, fields, and gardens teeming with wildlife, offering an ideal environment for outdoor pursuits. Year 3 and 4 pupils spent three days there, and Year 5 pupils enjoyed an extended four-day stay.

On arrival, the pupils were split into three groups and introduced to their instructors. They enjoyed lots of different activities, from climbing and abseiling to fencing and zip-lining. There was an amazing underground maze, which everyone had a great time exploring. And there was lots of walking – sometimes in torrential rain, but always with high spirits! The pupils overcame fears, grew in confidence, supported one another, played games together, ate delicious food and had lots of laughs.

Year 3 pupil Seiyon commented: “My favourite activity was the abseiling. I enjoyed being in the countryside and seeing the cows and sheep.” Year 5 pupils Lily and Sofia said “the food was delicious, especially the chocolate cake!” Sofia added: “The instructors were really funny. Our instructor, Travis, splashed us when we were kayaking. We got him back at the end – he let us push him into the water!”

The Kingsley School