11th October 2023 Kingsley News


They have arrived! Some first photos from our students and staff at the @r0undsquare International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. As a Round Square school, this is a unique opportunity for Kingsley to connect with a global network of schools, sharing professional expertise, ideas and experiences through engaging keynote speeches and panel discussions. The conference will spotlight African innovators who are shaping the future.  


When the delegation arrived, they were welcomed into the ceremony by flags from all schools attending the conference. All 150 schools at the conference were represented and welcomed by an inspirational opening ceremony. 

This is an amazing start to a learning and cultural exchange that allows students to contribute to a global dialogue on education. 

Margaret Kenyatta, the ex-first lady of the Republic of Kenya opened the ceremony and delivered the welcoming address. We heard from a number of keynote speakers who were inspired by Wangari Maathai, thefirst female professor in East Africa and first African female Novel Prize winner for her work with protecting Kenyan forests. She spoke of the environmental impact of lots of people “doing all that they can”, which in the face of large challenges is an inspirational message for the next generation to follow. We also heard from Round Square Alumni who are making an impact on the world, from robotics that help stroke sufferers communicate and environmentalists protecting the native lion population. 

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