14th September 2023 Kingsley News

Kingsley Riding Squad Dressage Day Camp

Five members of the Kingsley riding squad enjoyed a great dressage day camp with Beccy and Keri Bates (former Kingsley girls) at Ekko Equestrian, Stockton on 22 August.

The day started with a weigh-in session for the horses and ponies (a new experience in most cases!) carried out by Karen Beaumont, another former Kingsley girl, of Allen and Page, who then talked individually to each rider about equine health and nutrition.

The girls then had a small group lesson with either Beccy or Keri, followed by a thought-provoking session on goal setting. This concentrated on equestrian aims, but using transferable skills which will be very useful in many other spheres of life.

After a wonderful lunch – including EXCELLENT cake! – the riders had individual riding lessons with either Beccy or Keri.

The highlight of the day by far was Beccy’s riding demonstration, using two of her horses, one a beginner and one highly trained. Keri, who is a very experienced top-level dressage judge, provided an insightful commentary and explanation. She encouraged the girls to give a score for each dressage movement and then gave her own and explained why. This was a fascinating and valuable experience for all girls involved!

Our grateful thanks go to Beccy, Keri and Karen for a truly memorable day!

The Kingsley School