23rd October 2023 Kingsley News


We work hard to prepare Sixth Formers for the responsibilities and freedoms of adult life, building emotional courage and resilience. Each year we appoint a Sixth Form Leadership Team, including two Heads of School and two Deputies. Joining the Sixth Form Leadership Team is a huge accolade and a chance to get involved in many aspects of school life, from fundraising for the school charities and supporting younger students to acting as ambassadors at open days and speaking at prize giving and other events. In our latest ISI Report, it was highlighted that, ‘School leaders have created the daily enrichment opportunities for all pupils to encourage them to make decisions about their own learning’. It is this level of empowerment and community spirit that we are so proud of here at Kingsley.

Students develop a wide range of skills, including leadership, public speaking and project management skills. Our Heads of School, Jasmine and Maisie, attended the annual Heads of School conference at Wellington College last Friday. They mixed with student leaders from across the UK and enjoyed workshops to help them to refine their leadership skills and set exciting future goals. Both Jasmine and Maisie thoroughly enjoyed this experience and are looking forward to sharing their ideas with the rest of the Sixth Form Leadership Team so they can improve the school experience for Kingsley students.

As a Round Square school, Leadership is also one of the six fundamental Ideals that inspire and encourage students within our community. They learn that good leadership involves understanding, empathy, and kindness. Leaders are driven by a desire to be of service to others and to nurture, guide and help them to improve and succeed.

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