1st February 2024 Kingsley News

8billionideas Workshops in The Kingsley School

Continuing our programme of award-winning activities with 8billionideas, our pupils have had the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills, focussing on the core skills of the future that will help them to realise their dreams and aspirations in the years to come. Workshops were carefully tailored to different age groups, from Prep through to Sixth Form.

“Startup School” allowed Year 11s to explore how to harness their interests to make a living from them in the future. This included case studies of entrepreneurs who have disrupted their industries with new ideas and inventions. They used this inspiration to think about how they would manage this themselves, including how to secure funding from investors.

We are also incredibly proud of our Prep school children from Year 1 to Year 6 who presented their 8billionideas pitches. They all demonstrated phenomenal confidence and imagination. Our medal winners were chosen by the judging panel for innovation, presentation skills, teamwork and product design amongst other criteria.

The Kingsley School