26th November 2021


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Dear parents,

While the weather seems to have become much cooler this week our sporting successes have done quite the opposite! We were extremely proud of our gymnasts at the ISA Gymnastics Competition this week who performed brilliantly, with our U7 gymnasts coming away with a first place finish. We are equally as delighted and proud of our skiers at the National Outdoor Championships at Swadlincote on Sunday. Amongst the many individual and team successes here, our U14/16 team finished in third place and our youngest team of Prep skiers became Open National Champions with a first place finish. The Senior Hockey Team orchestrated a brilliant 1 – 0 win over Solihull School and to crown off a very busy week, four of our Year 6s put on fantastic performances in a local indoor rowing competition, with a second place team finish and an individual second place finish out of 68 competitors for Francesca. A truly magnificent week outside of the classroom to complement all of the hard work in the classroom. Well done Kingsley.

I was fortunate enough this week to be able represent Kingsley at the annual GSA Headteacher Conference. The theme this year is ‘the voice for positive change’ which I felt resonated with so many things we cover in lessons, assemblies and PSHEE. In fact this week in Senior School the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity group supported Dr Smith with an assembly on the theme of ‘being an active bystander’, which is such an important message and vital to ensuring that everyone feels included in all aspects of school and everyday life. At the conference one stand out speaker was Hannah Jackson, ‘The Red Shepherdess’, who you may have seen on Country File. She spoke inspirationally about being one of the few female shepherdesses in Britain and the duty schools have to encourage students to follow their dream careers. She advocates that she is proof that women can have it all; the job they love, a family they love and a life they love. This will certainly feature as a theme in one of my future assemblies.

I am sure you will all join me in thanking our wonderful Friends of Kingsley for the Christmas Fayre that was so well attended today. A show stopping event with a wonderful atmosphere that has officially kicks started our Christmas season. Thank you to the team for all their hard work and organisation and to all that attended.

This week I have had a meeting with Stevensons Uniform Suppliers to get an update on outstanding items. I’m pleased to say that the sports polo shirts are imminent and they are chasing the hoodies. The issue has been due to a serious outbreak of COVID within the manufacturing factory and so production was stopped for quite some time. May I apologise for this delay, which will hopefully be resolved soon.

Rehearsals are well under way for all our Christmas events so please do ensure you have these noted in your diaries.

As many students in Senior School begin their first round of mock examinations I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on the hard work they have put in and wish them the best of luck. Please note that Year 11 students are welcome to wear Kingsley hoodies for the duration of their examinations, and Sixth Formers may wear additional warmer clothing over their Sixth Form attire.

Please note that due to our Senior School Open Afternoon, next Friday’s Cornflower may be released slightly later than usual.

With very best wishes,

Mrs Christina McCullough
Acting Headteacher


E-Safety Advice for Parents – Ask The Awkward

In this new series of articles, we share some helpful advice and tips on how to keep your children safe on-line. Over the next 10 weeks we will publish a help sheet that will enable you to broach some difficult and, at times, embarrassing topics with your young people at home.

We start with a series of 3 video clips that show some parents and children letting the camera know their view point on the various topics covered. As you will see there is much giggling and embarrassment. That is perfectly normal but hopefully it will enable you to break the ice in your home environment and talk about some really important issues.



This week looks at the realisation that the online world is where our children spend most of their time and that this is their modern version of the playground, community centre and for some the bike shed. Helping the different generations to come to terms with an ever changing landscape.




Belle in Year 2 has just placed 5th in the British Dressage Affiliates Youth Rider League! Belle was the youngest competitor in the competition, and worked incredibly hard to be placed so highly in a very competitive league with older and more established riders, along with her pony PennyRoyal Little Pageboy.
An incredible success Belle, huge congratulations on such an amazing achievement!


Harriett in Year 8 recently played in a string of Warwickshire County hockey matches, two against Shropshire teams and two against other Warwickshire teams, coming away with three wins and a draw, and scoring a goal against Shropshire. Harriett also plays for REW Hockey Club, as part of the U14s team and and Badgers, where she recently played Nuneaton and scored one goal in a 7-0 win.

It is amazing to hear of such passion and dedication to her sport – well done Harriett!


A huge congratulations to all skiers at this prestigious event at Swadlincote – some incredible individual and team successes!

U12 Prep Skiers – 1st place, Open National Champions
Holly H, Sofia H-R, Isabel H, Tallulah C

U14/U16 Ream – 3rd place
Elle H, Scarlett M, Hattie B
Poppy D, Neave P, Polly W, Holly D, Evie H, Aimee M, Edie H, Margaux W

Well done all!


Autumn is such a great time of the year to be a photographer, so it is no surprise to receive so many entries this week. I’ve really enjoyed looking through the different approaches to the theme. Although every photo contains leaves, they each focus on different things – different colours, perspectives, lighting and compositions. Here are some of my favourite images, whether it be for the composition, contrasting colours, or the glimmer of light coming from behind the trees, they are all amazing. Well done Bella, Lottie, Georgia and Poppy.

Next week’s theme will be SYMMETRY.

Deadline: Tuesday 30th November

Head over to the website to get some inspiration, and upload your entries. You can also see everyone’s entries from last week: kingsleyart.uk/photoclub

Mr Lax

Reminders & Notices


On Thursday December 2nd pupils will require loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt in addition to their swimming kit – they will be completing a personal survival session.


Christmas is now well on its way and the Prep School pupils have already created some fabulous seasonal artwork for Christmas Cards, Gift Tags, Mugs, Tea Towels and Tote Bags. The design proofs were sent home this week – we hope you loved them!

Please return the parental order form payment envelope to school no later than Tuesday 30th November.
Orders can be paid for with cash or via bank transfer to ‘Friends of Kingsley’, Acc 02730122, Sort Code 30-94-93 with reference CC<SURNAME>.

On behalf of the Friends of Kingsley, thank you for supporting this fundraiser.


Mrs Norris is putting out a plea for donations of any tree trunks, pieces of wood or other items relevant for Forest School, as well as any scraps of fabric, thread, spare needles and fabric scissors for her new Sewing Club. Any items would be most gratefully received!


Go Go Makers are returning to Kingsley Prep again over the Christmas holiday with a pre-Christmas week of fun activities. For more information and details on how to book a place, please see the flyer attached here.


COVID-19 vaccination clinics are now available for children aged 12-15 who have not had their first dose. For more information and details on vaccination clinics, please view the document from NHS Coventry and Warwickshire here.


InvestIN are offering the last of their free Success Beyond School series of online seminars designed to help parents supercharge their children’s career potential. Parents can now register for:

Wednesday 1st Dec: Building a Future in Finance
How your child can break into the finance industry.

Wednesday 8th Dec: Level up with Law
Support your child on their journey to becoming a top lawyer.

These events are for parents of students aged 12-18 and completely free to attend!


Please view our lunch menus at the links below. Next week will be Week 1.

Prep School Menu

Senior School Menu


We love to hear about our pupils’ successes outside of school. Please do keep us updated with any news items – sporting achievements, performing opportunities, charity work, and everything in between, so that we can celebrate in school and with our community via online channels. Please send any details through to schooloffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk FAO Mr Farrington-Smith.

Prep School Bulletin


Dear parents,

It has been a week of celebrations and congratulations in Prep this week.  Our gymnastic team excelled at the ISA Gymnastics competition, with the under 7 team winning their category!  They all worked so very hard to represent The Kingsley Prep School, making us immensely proud of their efforts and achievements.

Some of our Year 6s took part in the Central Warwickshire Sports Partnership Rowing competition; they had to work as a team but also use their individual determination to succeed.  This was the first time some of them had tried any sort of rowing but they all gained certificates for their efforts. Another excellent sporting achievement.

We would like to acknowledge Grace T’s (and her grandma’s) very brave fire walk in aid of Myton Hospice.  Grace was the only participant who was under 18 and between them both they raised an incredible £600.  We are nearly as proud of Grace as she should be of herself!  What a truly wonderful accomplishment.

We would like to remind everyone, politely, that the deadline for the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal is the 4th of December; if you would like to contribute to this very worthwhile cause, we will be very grateful to receive any items from the Helping Hands listing (please see attached letter).  Thank you to everyone who has already contributed.

Please remember to label all items of clothing coming into school and remember warm clothing is needed for Forest Schools.  We are negotiating currently with our suppliers, Stevensons, about additional pieces to be added to our Kingsley Prep uniform, and should be able to share with you some good news soon.  Also, please remember the felt hat is a requirement for all as part of our winter uniform.

The new collection procedures have worked well, with only a few teething problems.  Thank you for your support and cooperation with this.

I hope the Christmas Fayre has put you all in the festive mood, and you enjoy a peaceful but merry weekend.

Mrs Monica Gamble
Head of Prep


This week in Pre-school we have been looking at water vehicles. We have enjoyed playing with the boats in the water and have read the story ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ by John Burningham. Mr Gumpy has a boat and lots of people and animals want to join him on an outing in his boat. We used animals and people to recreate the story with our boats. The children remembered lots of details from the story and created some lovely story language.

We have also been looking at lighthouses. The children found out how important light houses used to be before boats and ships had radars. We used junk modelling materials and Lego to make our own vehicles and lighthouses.


Year 1 have been learning all about positional and directional language this week. They have been programming Bee-bots, to move to a target location and have learned to use left, right, forwards, backwards, quarter, and full-turns.

Miss Fennell has been very impressed with their coding and Mathematical vocabulary.


We have had a wonderful week of writing. In our guided writing sessions the children were given free reign to write a creative story around the gigantic egg we have in the Year 2 classroom which links to the class novel, ‘The Christmasaurus’. The children were tasked with free writing for 45 minutes, with very little assistance from an adult. The work they produced was fantastic. The children are working hard on their endurance writing and their stamina for writing is really impressive. The children accepted the challenge to use at least three adverbs, two different conjunctions and one contraction within their writing. Super job Year 2!


Year 3 have been getting fired up learning about the differences between Sparta and Athens. They have considered each city’s points of view and have chosen one city-state to argue for. The children have written their arguments and are ready to engage in a divided class debate about which city is the better city to be part of. Let us see if anyone changes their mind!

Forest Schools stayed in school this week to design and create some mindful quotes ready to be written on tree trunk slices. Forest School Enrichment and Co-curricular used their incredible sewing skills to create autumn leaves ready for a bunting string.


Year 4 have started a new topic in English which focuses on stories that have imaginary settings. We have already discussed the fantasy elements in stories from the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Borrowers. After exploring a range of fantasy settings, the class was challenged to create their fantasy setting based on an extract from ‘The Hobbit’. We shared reading the descriptions and then members of the class created ‘freeze frames’ of how an imagined character would react if they were in one of the settings. Can you guess what the settings were like from these facial expressions?

In Maths, the class has been practising using their rounding skills to simplify gram and kilogram amounts. Here are the class challenging each other to round decimal kilogram amounts and calculate total amounts.

In our Creative Curriculum lessons, the class have been looking at the life of Boudica. They have found out what an amazing historic figure she was and just how brave she was to lead an army into battle against the Romans. Year 4 decided to have a go at creating a portrait of Boudica that would celebrate what she had achieved as well as showing what she might have been like. The class have created some preliminary sketches, using existing images of Boudicca, before they start on their actual composition.


Year 5 launched their new science topic this week  – “Feel the Force”. The class were introduced to some of the main forces they will be learning about in the coming weeks: gravity, air resistance, friction, buoyancy and water resistance. The class took part in a ‘Forces Carousel’ to try five different activities to demonstrate these types of forces. These included dropping skydivers from a height; pushing a ball under the water; and testing toy cars on different surfaces. In their next science lesson, they will be making parachutes for toy figures, to see the effects of air resistance. Well done Year 5 super scientists!

Year 5 have also been spending some time in Cookery Corner baking cupcakes. They decorated the cupcakes to represent the different planets in our solar system including the Sun. Well done year 5, you worked really hard and sensibly in the kitchen!


In Creative Curriculum this week, Year 6 have been learning about the Benin creation story and how the story was passed on from generation to generation. After a few rounds of Chinese whispers, the children shared the Benin creation story and then worked in small groups to re-enact it. Lastly, the pupils created story boards exploring key moments from the African creation story.


Years 5 and 6 played against Crackley Hall on Wednesday at St Nicholas’ Park in Warwick, with all pupils playing fantastic matches. Year 6 were defeated 1-0 in a very close match, and Year 5 drew 2-2. Well done all!

Mrs Purdy and Miss Mason’s PE Stars of the Week are:

Alice in Year 3
Mariella in Year 5
Luana in Year 6
Grace in Year 6


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