18th March 2022


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Dear Parents,

For me, the season of Spring is one of the best and busiest times of the year as I am a passionate gardener. Over the last few years I have been growing a field maple in a pot at my house, and I was delighted that this week it has finally found a permanent home as part of our new Jubilee Grove at our Forest School site. My sincere thanks go to the Prep pupils who planted it so carefully, and to Mrs Norris for leading on this project (see the tree donation letter this week if you would like to be involved in this as well).

That maple will take years to fully grow and become established; each season it will strengthen and spread its canopy a little wider. I was reflecting on this idea of growth as I watched our Year 12 students in the hustings for the Heads of School positions. All of them referred to how they have been on journeys of personal growth at Kingsley, gaining confidence, facing challenges, building teamwork skills, and learning to lead.

At Kingsley we provide many opportunities for young people to grow such as D of E, Round Square, participating in productions or being a student voice representative. I am so proud to see many pupils making the most of these chances, and of how confident and articulate they become through them. Just like those trees that have been planted, our pupils will grow in character over the years and I am greatly looking forward to seeing them flourish.

With kind regards,

James Mercer-Kelly


Important notices and reminders


Covid-19 and School Nurse  

Cases continue to remain at a low yet noticeable level within the school community. The cluster of Year 7 cases has subsided and therefore we no longer need to have the low-level mitigation measures in place that were introduced last week. As always, if you need to report a positive Covid-19 case then please use the following link;  


Please note that our School Nurse, Mrs Ball, will not be available for the next 6 weeks. During this period Mrs Parker, who is a qualified first aider and ex-nurse, will be dealing with any medical issues across the School. If you need to contact the School with regards to any medical matters please contact email Mrs Parker at k.parker@kingsleyschool.co.uk or schooloffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk, and a reminder that if your child is poorly then they should be recovering at home. 

Whole School Photograph 

We are delighted that the whole school photograph is being taken for staff and students of The Kingsley School on Monday 28th March. Please could you ensure that your child is wearing their correct school uniform on that day, including blazers for Senior School students, and their hair is neat and tidy. Sixth form students should wear smart business attire as usual. We will inform you when the photograph is available for purchase. 

Roadworks in the local area 

You are no doubt aware of the current roadworks in the local area that may be affecting your journey to and from Kingsley School. You may find it helpful to refer to the following Warwickshire County Council website page which details the diversion routes and the further planned road closures in the area; 

Current and planned roadworks – Warwickshire County Council 




Mimi in Year 11 has been selected for a work placement at the Fashion Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC this week, a fantastic opportunity!

Mimi is currently studying a Level 1 City and Guilds award in Fashion/Textiles at the Independent Design College of Fashion and Textiles, Bromsgrove for her Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and the Director, Brenda Killigrew, has selected Mimi to model garments in the show and work at the IDC stand this week. Mimi will be learning about the industry and meeting a variety of designers and experts than can advise on career opportunities over the four day event.

Well done Mimi!



The Midland Ski Club Winter Race Series results are in! A huge congratulations to:

Amelie H, who finished 3rd for the U20 group
Scarlett M, who finished 1st for the U16s
Bella H, who finished 2nd for the U16s
Elle Horton, who finished 3rd for the U16s

Well done to all skiers who took part for your super successes!



The box office is open for Kingsley’s production of ‘Made In Dagenham’, directed by our guest director, Antony Law.

If you have ordered tickets already, they will be delivered to pupils if fees billing payment has chosen or cash has been received, otherwise they will be ready to collect from the box office on the evening of the performances, where they can also be paid for by cash if opted.

Made in Dagenham is a musical with music by David Arnold, lyrics by Richard Thomas, and a book by Richard Bean. The uplifting musical comedy is based on the 2010 film of the same name, which in turn was based on the real events of the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968.

Performances will take place on Wednesday 23rd March, Thursday 24th March and Friday 25th March. Performances will start at 7pm in the Senior School Hall, with doors opening at 6:30pm.

Tickets are priced at £9 for an adult and £5 for a child/concession.

If you wish to purchase tickets, please fill out the Google Form at the link below. Tickets can either be paid for via fees billing (if orders are placed by Friday 11th March, the cost will be added to your Spring Term bill, and if placed after Friday 11th March, the cost will be added to your Summer Term bill), or by cash in a marked envelope to the Senior School Reception. Tickets will be sent home with your child.

Made In Dagenham Ticket Order Form

If you need any additional information regarding tickets, please email boxoffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk.

Please note that Made In Dagenham contains language and themes that are of a mature nature. Although we encourage families to come and enjoy, we just want to ensure that parents with younger children are aware.

We hope you are able to come and support us with this fantastic production, and we look forward to seeing you at the performances.

Reminders & Notices


Kenilworth Wardens offer girls’ football training and clubs – a fantastic opportunity for any players at all age groups looking for further training and team opportunities! Please see the attached flyer for more information. 


GoGo Makers are returning to Kingsley Prep at Easter with another of their popular camps. For more information, please view the flyer here.


Please view our lunch menus at the links below. Next week is Week 4.

Prep School Menu

Senior School Menu


We love to hear about our pupils’ successes outside of school. Please do keep us updated with any news items – sporting achievements, performing opportunities, charity work, and everything in between, so that we can celebrate in school and with our community via online channels. Please send any details through to schooloffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk FAO Mr Farrington-Smith.

Prep School Bulletin


Dear Parents,

It is so lovely to be reflecting on how special this week has been in Prep with the sun shining in through the window and the sound of happy pupils playing during their lunch break. The first thing that comes to mind was the vision of red noses and red accessories worn by pupils as we launched the start of Friday’s special science themed WoW Assembly. It was wonderful to hear all the science-based achievements that happened during the course of the week. The activities ranged from our younger pupils taking part in fingerprint dusting and learning about forensic science whilst Key Stage 2 experienced having science lessons over in Senior School. The week also saw Key Stage 1 pupils participating really well in the science quiz and Year 3 pupils demonstrated their understanding of the difference between opaque, transparent and translucent. As I mentioned, Year 4 and Year 5 enjoyed their science lessons in the Senior School labs; Year 4 were investigating sound waves and Year 5 were exploring how temperature affects the rate at which a solid dissolves. Truly amazing science experimentation!

What a fabulous way to end a splendidly action-packed week with pupils showing so much support for Red Nose Day! Thank you all so much for all of your generous donations. The total amount raised will be announced shortly.

The week started with EYFS and Year 1 having a special trip out to Oversley Hill Farm in Alcester. The sun was shining which meant both the staff and pupils had an amazing day experiencing the delights of a working farm.

It is with great joy that I can mention another one of our ‘in-house’ events that went ahead this week, the Maths Evening that was held on Wednesday was a tremendous success. Mrs Norris, our Maths Coordinator, provided parents with an informative explanation of how maths is taught in Prep and the development of calculation skills as pupils move from EYFS through Key Stage 1 and to Key Stage 2. There was a super social feel as parents could then go and chat with teachers, review resources and enjoy the cheese and wine selection that had been beautifully presented by Gavin from Catering. A very special thank you to Gavin, his team and Mrs Hunt for their help with organising the event. Any parents who were unable to attend the event, please let your child’s class teacher know as there is an information pack that has been put together for you.

On Thursday, Year 3 and Year 4 put together a team to compete at their very first netball tournament. The pupils travelled to Stafford Grammar where they were extremely competitive with a final placing of eighth out of sixteen teams. Well done Year 3 and Year 4 competitors! We had another exciting happening in Prep on Thursday; this time, it was during lunchtime when the first of our ducklings hatched. Many of the Prep pupils managed to quietly welcome ‘Pip the Chick’ into the world. What a very special moment to share! Some of us, including myself, even got a chance to hold the cheeping bundle of joy later on that day!

A message from Senora Lopez concerning Spanish Club: as the term is longer than 10 weeks there will be a catch up lesson for Key Stage 1 on Thursday 24th March and another one for Key Stage 2 on Friday 1st April. There will be no Spanish Club on Thursday 31st March for Key Stage 1. After Easter, Spanish Club will resume on Thursday 28th April for 9 weeks and Friday 29th April for 8 weeks only.

Please note dates for your diaries:

– Mothering Sunday Service – Holy Trinity from 8:45am for 9:00am start on 25 March – please see the accompanying letter.
– Virtual Parents’ Evening from 4:30pm on 28 March – please see the accompanying letter and guide.
– Phonics and Reading Evening between 6:00pm and 7:00pm on 30 March – information to follow.
– Tree planting at the School Fields – please see the accompanying letter.

I hope you all manage to enjoy some time in the much, needed sunshine that is forecast this weekend.

Kindest regards,

Mrs Suzanne Holmes
Deputy Head of Prep


Pre-School, Reception and Year 1 went on a wonderful trip to Oversley Hill Farm, in Alcester, on Monday. The children baked their own bread, made their own butter and enjoyed meeting lots of farm animals.

There were cows with their calves, chicken and Sheep with their lambs. The children (and staff!) were very brave and fed the animals, as well as petting them gently. Many of the pupils overcame their anxieties and touched the animals, even though they were reluctant to do so when they first arrived.

Mrs Hayward, Ellie, Mrs Finnegan, Miss Woollard and Miss Fennell were so proud of all of the pupils and cannot wait to see how these experiences influence their work over the coming weeks.


Years 1 and 2 learned about Saint Patrick in their RE lesson on Wednesday. They learned that St Patrick was the Patron Saint of Ireland and was credited with introducing Ireland to Christianity. The classes discovered about how Irish people celebrate each year, with parades, delicious food, wonderful music and lots of green things!

The children made lucky leprechaun hats and moving leprechaun puppets, using a pivot mechanism. They also played a St Patrick’s Day board game.


This week, Year 3 have been learning about the different types of surfaces that let light through, in particular, the terminology opaque, transparent and translucent, and how to create shadows. They are planning and making a puppet show using ‘focused light’ to help set their stage.

English and Topic have been combined this week to create a booklet of their day in the life of an Anglo Saxon. The children are writing instructions, a recount diary, a story and a review of the day. These will be coming home when they are finished!

In Forest Schools this week, Year 3 and 4 planted all of our trees (in their bundles) ready to be planted properly in a week or two. They worked hard in small teams digging holes deep enough for the saplings, taking care with the sapling roots when planting. They then collected all the worms from the holes and made a Worm Village. The children are truly demonstrating their love, care and respect for all things in nature, even the maggots they found!


What a super week it has been in Year 4 this week. The class have been involved in so many exciting things that range from a St Patrick’s Day Assembly and a Prep School science quiz. With all of these additional events going on, we have still managed to pack in lots of wonderful opportunities for learning! Here are the pupils working really hard to complete their informative and creatively presented non-chronological reports. After reviewing the book ‘Cool Architecture’ by Simon Armstrong, the class were challenged to develop their own non-chronological reports. The class has worked so hard to design a room and describe the features it contained. The pièce de résistance was the presentation of the information they wanted to include. Each report will form the page of our class, ‘Home Style’ booklet. Here is the class working on their reports.

As part of the exciting Science Week celebrations, Miss Knight-Adams took Year 4 to the Physics Lab in the Senior School for their science lesson. The class learned how sounds are made by vibrations and experimented using tuning forks and water. The pupils hit the tuning fork to make it vibrate and then placed it into water. The vibrations travelled through the water, making ripples (and some splashes) as the water vibrated. The class investigated making high and low sounds by making their own musical instruments using rubber bands, pasta and tubes. It was a lot of fun being in the laboratory!


Year 5 have started their new science topic, ‘Marvellous Mixtures’. Miss Knight-Adams has taken the class to the laboratories in the Senior School for some exciting lessons. Their first trip involved experimenting with different solids. They worked together to test whether a variety of solids would dissolve in water. The class made predictions, thought about fair testing and made careful observations. The pupils are becoming more familiar with key science terms including: soluble, insoluble, dissolve, solute, solvent, solution and suspension. For their second trip to the lab, they carried out an investigation they had planned themselves. The pupils tested what might affect the rate at which a solid dissolves. Ideas included: temperature, volume of water, amount of stirring and the type of solid. Year 5 were super scientists in the labs and we all can’t wait to visit again for more science experiments and fun!


This week, Year 6 have started to explore how the United Kingdom was rebuilt after World War 2. In our English lessons, we shared John Agard’s poem, ‘Windrush Child’, and explored its key themes and ideas. The pupils considered the historical significance of the HMT Empire Windrush and discussed how this journey might have affected the Windrush child in the poem. Next week, we will begin our study of the novel ‘Windrush Child’ by Benjamin Zephaniah.


Congratulations to our Prep Sports Stars of the Week –  Alice (Y3), Erin (Y4), Zoe (Y5), Rosa (Y6).

Well done to our 8 U9 netball players too, who played at the ISA Tournament at Stafford Grammar School  on Thursday. All played fantastically, were supported, enthusiastic and a pleasure to take!

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