14th January 2022


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Dear Parents, 

It has been good to see everyone settle into the rhythm of learning this week across the whole school, with lessons, assemblies, enrichment activities, drama rehearsals and fixtures all getting underway. We were delighted to welcome Year 9 pupils and their parents to our online GCSE Options Evening on Wednesday this week, with expert guidance and advice from Mrs Rogers and Dr Smith about how to navigate this process wisely. It was also good to see the Friends of Kingsley Committee meeting this Thursday evening and to hear about the fantastic work that they do to support the pupils and bring our community together; we look forward to hearing about what plans they have for the coming year.

We are proud that at Kingsley we offer a well-rounded education with a firm academic foundation and many opportunities for developing individuals’ talents and gifts both within and beyond the classroom. I enjoyed working with the Year 12 pupils in my first Enrichment session with them, and over the course of this half term we will be looking at how we can develop our critical and creative thinking skills which are so integral to success in all areas of life.

More often than not, it is the wider skill set that pupils acquire on their journey through school that gives them an advantage in the world. Skills such as team working, problem solving, creative thinking, critical reasoning and communicating effectively are highly valued by employers and higher education providers.

As F Scott Fitzgerald said, “For what it’s worth… it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want.” I echo that and encourage all our pupils to be taking whatever opportunities they can at Kingsley to develop their skills and be the very best version of themselves.

With kind regards,

James Mercer-Kelly


Wine and Cheese Evenings with the Headteacher

A reminder that all parents are warmly invited to meet Mr Mercer-Kelly and members of the Senior Leadership Team. The evenings will include some delicious wines and cheeses to try, a tour of the Senior School site and the chance to meet our new Headteacher.

Wednesday 19th January 2022 – 18:00 – 19:30 – Please follow this link for tickets
Tuesday 25th January 2022 – 18:00 – 19:30 – Please follow this link for tickets


We are appreciative of the conscientious approach that our whole community is taking with regards to regular LFT testing. The Government have updated their guidance on self-isolation for positive COVID-19 cases so that individuals can be released from self-isolation if they have two negative LFT results that are 24 hours apart. The earliest possible release date is now the start of day 6.

We are hosting a further round of COVID-19 vaccinations on 24th January at Kingsley for pupils aged 12-15. Parents must complete the NHS consent form by noon on 19th January so that the vaccination team can prepare the correct number of doses; late submissions or changes are not able to be processed by the NHS.


Parents are kindly reminded to be mindful of how they park their vehicles during busy pick up and drop off times at Kingsley. We are aware that traffic wardens are being particularly vigilant and issuing tickets at this time. Please ensure that you park safely and legally if you are in the vicinity of the School.


In this new series of articles, we share some helpful advice, tips and activities on how to keep your children safe online. Over the next few weeks we are publishing a very well thought out and age appropriate set of activities that will enable you to engage with your young people at home.


A little quiz to see how much has been taken on board.


Importantly, this week is about making sure your young people are aware that not everyone online  is who they say they are.



One of the most important aspects of electronic safety is knowing who you are dealing with. It is not only young people who get caught out by people online who are not who they seem. Getting people as a whole, to think critically about what is being offered or what people are after is difficult and this section provides some useful tips.




Miss Nesta Jones, former Headteacher of The Kingsley School, passed away peacefully at Leycester House Care Home. Miss Jones was Headteacher at Kingsley from 1977-1988.

A thanksgiving service will be held (following a private family funeral) at Holy Trinity Church, Leamington Spa, on 21st January, 2pm. The family have said that if anyone from the Kingsley community would like to attend they are most welcome.


Congratulations to Evie in Year 7, who has recently been awarded Honours for Theatre Craft Grade 2 and Merit for Tap Grade 2 in her IDTA exams. Well done Evie!


Harriett in Year 8 was accepted into the U13 Warwickshire County Hockey team following her successful trial before Christmas, and has just played in her first matches of the year, scoring a goal in the process! Harriett is looking forward to the coming year playing for the county, and we are looking forward to hearing more about her future successes!


As we start another new year many people are looking ahead, wondering what 2022 will bring. Whether you are making any resolutions or not, it’s a great time the theme of ‘new beginnings’. Our photographers have done a great job of it too, considering new life in plants, the dawn of a new day, changing of the seasons or looking at the sky as you contemplate the future. Great responses once again everybody!

Next week’s theme will is ‘Opposites’

Deadline: Wednesday 19th January

Head over to the website to get some inspiration, and upload your entries. You can also see everyone’s entries from previous weeks: kingsleyart.uk/photoclub

Mr Lax


The Kissing It Better charity are looking for help with small bird themed home made items to gift bags, to meet the challenge of providing 400 gift bags for local hospitals and care homes.

The deadline for items is Friday 11th February, and ideas could be bird themed cards, cut out birds to hang up, or bookmarks.

Kissing It Better have also suggested a range of bird themed ideas to cheer up people in the community – have a look at the attached image for more details!


Jessica in Year 13 is performing as a soloist with Bedford Symphony Orchestra at the Bedford Corn Exchange on Saturday 29th January. Jessica will be performing Vaughan Williams’ Concerto for Oboe in A Minor.

A superb opportunity as part of an exciting programme of music! Tickets and info are available at the link below:



The Warwick Independent Schools Foundation and the Orchestra of the Swan are proud to announce their ground-breaking new partnership, aimed at creating a centre of musical excellence in Warwickshire on the Foundation site in Warwick.

As part of this partnership, Orchestra of the Swan will perform three exciting and accessible concerts in Warwick Hall which we hope will appeal to everybody!

The first concert on the on Thursday 20th January 2022 is titled Arcadiana. Directed and performed by dazzling virtuoso clarinettist Michael Collins, the centrepiece of this concert will be a performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Composed in 1791, it remains one of his most enduringly popular pieces and demonstrates Mozart’s obvious love of the clarinet. Schubert’s perfectly conceived 5th Symphony showcases his infatuation with Mozart and represents something of a personal tribute to his idol.

Visit the website below to book your tickets.


Reminders & Notices


Many thanks to all parents and staff who gave their time to attend the Friends of Kingsley AGM and Event Planning meeting last night. We have some great ideas for fundraising and events which we will share with you all in the coming weeks.

A huge thank you to Alex Smith, a driving force in the Friends of Kingsley for several years, who has stepped down as Co-Chair to focus on other things.

As a reminder the easiest and simplest way to raise funds for school is simply by shopping! You can either use AmazonSmile – , where Amazon donates to our school charity at no cost, or head to easyfundraising before you start your shopping, and click on your chosen shop – which likewise, raises funds for us at no cost to you.

As ever, please do get in touch with any suggestions: friends@kingsleyschool.co.uk.


The Bromsgrove Young Musicians Platform is accepting applications until 4pm on Sunday 30th January. The platform is open to young musicians aged 9-17 who play instruments, and singers if aged over 13. For more information and to apply, please visit bromsgroveplatform.com.


Please view our lunch menus at the links below. Next week will be Week 3.

Prep School Menu

Senior School Menu


We love to hear about our pupils’ successes outside of school. Please do keep us updated with any news items – sporting achievements, performing opportunities, charity work, and everything in between, so that we can celebrate in school and with our community via online channels. Please send any details through to schooloffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk FAO Mr Farrington-Smith.

Prep School Bulletin


This week has seen our new Creative Curriculum topics embed into our learning cycle, igniting the children’s interest and excitement: Year 2 even had a visit from a very friendly penguin (inorganic!).

Key Stage 2 swimming was successful and productive at its new time in the week; thank you for preparing the children so well.

Year 3 and Year 4 rose to the adventurous challenge of building a fire pit during Forest School. This was tried and tested with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate, which confirmed it to be absolutely fit for purpose!

Year 1 went on a mathematical outing to Tesco; their conduct was so exemplary, a member of the public commented on their “impeccable manners and behaviour!” This wonderful behaviour was observed also at the swimming pool, where all of Key Stage 1 and Early Years were complimented by staff.

Our Year 6 Leadership Team have committed to hosting and presenting our WoW Assemblies; this morning was our first under the new management and I am pleased to report it was a resounding success! I look forward to being able to welcome parents back into school soon, to share in these wonderful celebrations.

I would like to politely remind parents that children needs lots of layers for Forest School sessions, particularly the younger years who are feeling the effect of this very cold snap of weather. Hats, gloves, scarves and wellies must come into school, either worn by the children or in their bags. Fleecy hats are available from Mrs Parker in The Prep School Office at £7.25. Please ensure every article of clothing is clearly labelled with your child’s full name. Mrs Norris has requested if any family has outgrown, good quality jogging trousers, sweatshirts, wellies, gloves or hats, they might be donated to school in order to have supplement the Forest School “spares’” box. Thank you.

Similarly, if anyone has borrowed any items of clothing from Pre-School, Mrs Hayward would be very grateful if they could be returned.

The Nasal Flu Immunisations were administered very smoothly and rapidly; Mrs Ball had organised everything perfectly, with her usual attention to detail.

Finally, we say goodbye today to Mrs Antonia Malin Graham from Wraparound Care, as she goes off to await her baby in a few weeks’ time. We send all of the Malin Graham family our very best wishes for the future.

I wish you all a restful weekend.

Mrs Monica Gamble
Head of Prep


We have continued with our winter theme in Pre-school looking at the winter weather, which we have had quite a lot of this week!

The children have taken a huge interest in arctic animals, especially penguins, so we have had lots of fun finding out facts about penguins. We found out that the largest penguin is the Emperor penguin which can be up to 130cm tall! We made our own life sized Emperor penguin which the children worked collaboratively to paint. The penguin was stuck to the classroom door and the children stood next to him to see who was bigger.


This week Reception have been learning about freezing. Our young scientists have made predictions, explained methods and used exciting equipment to compare the temperature of water and ice.

In English, we continue our work on The Snow Queen. The children worked collaboratively to produce a collage of the villain.


The topic of money can be quite confusing, so Miss Fennell took Year 1 to Tesco, to buy their snacks as part of their mathematics lessons.

The children had a £2 budget to spend on snacks and the results were varied! Some came in under budget, whereas others over-spent. It was a fantastic way to see money in action, in real-life and the children enjoyed working out how much money they had spent.


Year 2 have started a new topic this term entitled Dream, Believe, Achieve. In English this week we have started to internalise an information text using Talk for Writing. The children have all been acting out every word of the information text and creating their own pictures to help them embed the text.

The Kingsley Little Penguin is a huge success and the Year 2’s are doing a super job of acting their way through the text to help them remember it.


Year 3 have been playing ‘Seekers and Finders’ to discover as much as they can about the Anglo Saxons. We had a selection of Anglo Saxon life pictures on the walls that the children had 30 seconds to look at and remember as much information as they could about the picture and then feed it back to their partner to scribe.

In Maths, we have been learning how to subtract 2 digit by 2 digit numbers using the column ‘chimney’ method. With lots of practice, we are getting there!

Our English work at the start of this term is Talk 4 Writing. It is a very exciting way to learn how to write by using actions and text maps. We are already beginning to understand and internalise the text on who Beowulf is.

Forest School enjoyed fairy den building, and digging and building a permanent fire pit, which of course was put to good use by toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate!


In Year 4, we cannot believe that it is already almost the end of the second week in school and that we are half-way through January. We started our week by launching our new topic, ‘History Detectives’! Our launch was all about developing our understanding of what skills are needed to uncover what history can tell us about what it was like in the past. We will continue to add ideas as we work through our Creative Curriculum topic.

This week, Year 4 have continued to extend their creative skills as they developed a collaborative winter’s day poem that started from a selection of carefully chosen similes that each of the class had written in the previous lesson. Year 4 had been challenged to use their similes as a starting point to develop an atmospheric and imaginative piece of poetry. Here they are deciding where to place their similes and how to develop the ideas so they have a poem.

In maths, our focus was on extending our understanding of problem solving in addition to having an opportunity to practice our mental maths skills. Here you can see the class, using a dice to reduce 4-digit numbers to zero in ten rolls or less. They simply rolled the dice and then decided whether to reduce the thousands, the hundreds, tens or units by the number rolled. The skill was to decide which was the most efficient way to reduce their given number!


Year 5 have been finding out how the Ancient Egyptians counted. They used symbols like their hieroglyphics to represent different numbers. One single stroke represented the number 1; an upturned U represented 10; a coiled rope represented 100; a lotus flower represented 1000; a pointing finger represented 10,000; a frog represented 100,000 and a kneeling god represented 1,000,000. Using a combination of these symbols the class were able to create their own 5 and 6 digit numbers. They painted each number on old paper and created a colourful display in the Year 5 form room.


In Creative Curriculum this week, the Year 6 pupils have been learning about the outbreak of World War II and the key events which resulted in Neville Chamberlain announcing that war had been declared with Germany in 1939. In small groups, the pupils worked together to create a news bulletin summarising what they had learned and considering how different civilians might have responded to the news that Britain was at war. All of the group worked hard and produced thoughtful news reports – well done Year 6!


Sports stars for this week are Harleena G, Mariella T and Aisha S. Well done to all three – they will have the Sport Star trophy on their desk for the week!

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