11th March 2022


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Dear Parents,

It was a pleasure to welcome so many parents to The Kingsley School this week for a number of different pupil presentations and performances. Our Year 7 pupils hosted a Science Fair on Wednesday with each one creating a poster and then explaining their research to visitors. Then on Thursday we were treated to a musical medley with the Prep School Teatime Concert and the Senior School Soloists’ Concert. We are also eagerly looking forward to the ‘Made in Dagenham’ musical production and I know that the cast are in the final stages of preparations now.

I am always impressed when I see young people standing up and taking a risk at events like this. You make yourself incredibly vulnerable in these circumstances and it demands both courage and resilience. Risk taking in this kind of context is such a valuable learning experience, and is an important life-skill needed for a myriad of situations. The rewards are that it builds character, develops confidence and enables you to overcome challenges. The feeling afterwards where you are so proud of what you have achieved is such a powerful motivator as well.

There are so many opportunities at Kingsley to be courageous and to take those risks. I hope that we all encourage the young people around us to reap the rewards that these offer.

With kind regards,

James Mercer-Kelly


Important notices and reminders


Polite reminder – Change in Details 

Please could we remind parents to contact the School Office (schooloffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk) should there be a change in your contact details (address, email or phone details).  It is also very helpful for you to provide a third ‘emergency’ contact should we need to contact someone to collect your son/daughter from school due to illness.  

Please can we also remind you to keep the school nurse (nurse@kingsleyschool.co.uk) updated with any changes in medical conditions and/or dietary requirements. 

Polite reminder – Reporting and Requesting Absence  

Please can we remind parents about the process for requesting absence from school.  Parents are required to ensure that their son or daughter are in school at all times during the term, with the exception of the following: 

  • For medical reasons 
  • For trips connected with school work, with the permission of the Head 
  • For one holiday with parents at the Headteacher’s discretion and under exceptional circumstances 

In the case of holidays or other request for absence, a letter or email must be sent to the Headteacher in advance using email absence@kingsleyschool.co.uk.  We should be grateful if the communication is written in the form of a request in order to comply with Department for Education regulations on attendance which state ‘only the school, within the context of the law, can approve absence, not parents.’ 

If your son or daughter is unwell, parents should contact the school to inform us of their absence. If no email to absence@kingsleyschool.co.uk is received by 9.30am, we will contact parents. We remain mindful of Covid-19 with a small number of cases across the school; as always, if you need to report a positive Covid case then please use the following link; 


If a pupil feels unwell whilst in our care, then the following medical support is available for them. Prep School pupils should go to the Prep School Office, and Senior School/Sixth Form students should go to the Medical Room on the ground floor of Senior School, or to the School Office. Our School Nurse (or trained first aiders) will then attend to the pupil and make an assessment of their illness; they will either administer the appropriate medication or contact parents/nominated emergency contact to arrange for collection. May I kindly remind you that pupils should not contact parents to arrange collection themselves. 

Roadworks in the local area 

You are no doubt aware of the current roadworks in the local area that may be affecting your journey to and from Kingsley School. You may find it helpful to refer to the following Warwickshire County Council website page which details the diversion routes and the further planned road closures in the area; 

Current and planned roadworks – Warwickshire County Council 




On Wednesday, Year 2 pupils participated in the Central Warwickshire Sports Partnership’s largest ever football session as part of the FA ‘Let Girls Play’ campaign at the Kingsley Sports Fields. Our Kingsley pupils were part of 90,000+ young women from all over the country! A fantastic day of sport.



Congratulations to our Year 8 A and B teams, who played at the Emerging Schools Netball Tournament at the Kingsley Sports Fields on Wednesday. The A team finished in fourth place and the B team (pictured) in third! Well done all.



The box office is now open for Kingsley’s production of ‘Made In Dagenham’, directed by our guest director, Antony Law.

Made in Dagenham is a musical with music by David Arnold, lyrics by Richard Thomas, and a book by Richard Bean. The uplifting musical comedy is based on the 2010 film of the same name, which in turn was based on the real events of the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968.

Performances will take place on Wednesday 23rd March, Thursday 24th March and Friday 25th March. Performances will start at 7pm in the Senior School Hall, with doors opening at 6:30pm.

Tickets are priced at £9 for an adult and £5 for a child/concession.

If you wish to purchase tickets, please fill out the Google Form at the link below. Tickets can either be paid for via fees billing (if orders are placed by Friday 11th March, the cost will be added to your Spring Term bill, and if placed after Friday 11th March, the cost will be added to your Summer Term bill), or by cash in a marked envelope to the Senior School Reception. Tickets will be sent home with your child.

Made In Dagenham Ticket Order Form

If you need any additional information regarding tickets, please email boxoffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk.

Please note that Made In Dagenham contains language and themes that are of a mature nature. Although we encourage families to come and enjoy, we just want to ensure that parents with younger children are aware.

We hope you are able to come and support us with this fantastic production, and we look forward to seeing you at the performances.

Reminders & Notices


We would like to thank all parents FOR their support with all Kingsley Sporting Activities. With current ongoing roadworks and traffic we would like to operate the following policy from Monday 14th March:

If any pupil has not been collected from an offsite sporting practice by 5.30pm they will be returned to school where a senior member of staff will stay with them. The PE emergency mobile is 07592563293.

Miss Windsor


This is a reminder the science department have arranged a Year 7 trip to Thinktank Birmingham science museum, on Monday 14th March as part of British Science Week.

Please note the key details below:

Requirements: Pupils will need a small rucksack, a bottle of water, snacks and a pen. They also must bring an asthma inhaler with them if they have asthma
Lunch: A packed lunch will be provided by the school.
Travel: A coach will be leaving school at around 9:00am and will be back at school by 3:20pm, in time for enrichment.
Dress Code: Pupils should dress comfortably in their own clothes with their Kingsley PE sweatshirt or hoodie; they are allowed to wear jeans, these must not be ripped, and flat footwear.
Money: There will be an opportunity to visit the gift shop during the visit, so pupils may wish to bring some money with them.


GoGo Makers are returning to Kingsley Prep at Easter with another of their popular camps. For more information, please view the flyer here.


Please view our lunch menus at the links below. Next week is Week 3.

Prep School Menu

Senior School Menu


We love to hear about our pupils’ successes outside of school. Please do keep us updated with any news items – sporting achievements, performing opportunities, charity work, and everything in between, so that we can celebrate in school and with our community via online channels. Please send any details through to schooloffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk FAO Mr Farrington-Smith.

Prep School Bulletin


Dear Parents,

We have had such a wonderful week!. The school has had such a celebratory air about it. Some of this feeling is the result of Saturday’s very successful Open Morning and the fact we are beginning to host many more events across the School in addition to pupils participating in outside of school activities.

Our week began with the first of these events, which was the ISA Netball tournament over in Stafford; it was wonderful to hear how well the team did – a second place is an extremely impressive result.

On Thursday, pupils have been thoroughly inspired by the assembly that Miss Knight-Adams presented to Prep to launch British Science Week. Hopefully, we will see many entries from individual pupils for the Science Week competitions. The classes have also been challenged to grow sunflowers to see which class produces the tallest! Another welcome return was the Prep Teatime concert, the Senior School hall was filled with anticipation as the Prep musicians waited to perform, either as soloists or as part of an ensemble. It was a truly magical event and showcased a wealth of musicianship. It was a very special way to end a Thursday. A big thank you to Mr Smith for organising the event along with all of the music teachers who had put so much effort into supporting pupils during their music lessons in preparation for this event.
The musical theme did not end on Thursday because our younger pupils in Pre-School, Reception and Year 1 attended a concert by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, today. All of the staff and pupils who attended said what a magical experience it was!

Thank you for all of your generous donations today in support of our Ukraine Appeal; Prep looked very different as pupils arrived in their own clothes but this only enhanced all of the learning opportunities that were in store for each of the classes that remained in school. What a wonderful end to a very busy and inspirational week.

Please note a dates for your diaries: Maths Calculation Evening 6:00pm – 7:00pm Wednesday 16 March 2022.

I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable weekend.

Kindest regards,

Mrs Suzanne Holmes
Deputy Head of Prep


This week in Pre-school we have been looking at the traditional tale, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We have enjoyed some fabulous role play, retelling the story, with some lovely story language.

We have also been using our phonic knowledge to decode words from the story and match them to pictures.


Today is Day 22 of our egg incubation period – you should be able to see the beak, the heartbeat and the spine.

On Day 25 (Monday), the eggs will go into their own little ‘Lockdown’ and they will no longer need to be turned. Turning the eggs during the final stages can cause the ducklings to become disorientated and once they begin to pip and make a bid for freedom it is essential that the eggs are stable.

However, the temperature and humidity will still need to be monitored for consistency. The children can help the process by reading the thermometer.


Year 1 have started to make their Fairytale castles. They designed their models with he features required and have begun to decorate large boxes, with arrow slits and drawbridges. Next week, we shall add towers and turrets – we can’t wait to show your our finished models very soon!


It was a very exciting day on Wednesday for the class of Year 2 who had the opportunity to play football with several other local schools in the area. This was an initiative across the country to get girls playing football and Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their morning session being coached and playing five-a-side with other schools!


Year 3 have been using their knowledge of multiplication as repeated addition to solve x and / by 10 and 100.

In English, we are learning the epic poem, Beowulf, and digging deeper into understanding that description gives the reader instant images in their head. The class have concentrated on describing two contrasting settings.

During PSHE with Year 4, we had a discussion about what is happening between Ukraine and Russia. The children were desperate to do something extra to help and with some notes made, they decided that they would write a letter to the families encouraging them to come here and that they would be welcomed into the United Kingdom. These have been written with beautiful pictures drawn, we hope to send them on soon.


The class has been working really hard across all subjects this week with the highlight being the launch of a new science topic. In English, we continued to work on creating non-chronological reports and the class were extremely creative in designing a room in a house, creating a plan and then creating a short report about it. This week, the has shown real determination to master not only complex addition and subtraction questions but multi-step worded problems. We have also been in an extremely reflective mood as we have discussed the growing crisis in Ukraine to ensure each member of the class was not worrying unnecessarily about what was going on.

Year 4 have started their new science topic, Sound. They started the lesson by mind mapping what they already know and writing down questions they want to learn about. The pupils learned that sounds are made by vibrations and experimented with this by banging a drum and seeing lentils jumping on it. Next, they went on a sound walk around the school to survey the areas that are the noisiest! Year 4 considered what was vibrating to make the sounds and rated the places they visited from 0-5. They heard the Reception class busy at work, Selen playing the saxophone, the doorbell ringing and birds chirping in the playground.


Year 5 had a fantastic time visiting the Year 7 Science Fair over in the Senior School this week, as part of British Science Week.

The theme for this year is ‘Growth’ and, between them, our Year 7 scientists had researched everything from the growth of insects, animals and plants to volcanoes and copper crystals using electrolysis. A fascinating visit!


This week, in Creative Curriculum, Year 6 have been researching the different roles women had during World War 2 to help the war effort. Each pupil received a very special letter informing them of a role they had been assigned and then conducted research into what their allocated role would have entailed.

Next, they received a letter from a fictional auntie asking for details about their new jobs! The Year 6 pupils worked hard to write in role and explain the intricacies of their new found occupations. Here are some extracts from the pupils’ letters:

Dear Aunt Nancy,

…I have been allocated the role of an Air Raid Warden, I will mostly be working in central London – I hope it’s sunny! I will work part time (3 nights a week) but it could increase with the amount of bombing!

For my uniform, I wear a rusted, old helmet (it reminds me of the old fashioned dunce cap because it has a big ‘W’ on it). In addition, I have to wear squelchy wellington boots and an itchy armband…

By Grace T

Dear Aunt Nancy,

…I have signed up to be a munitions factory worker and my job is placed in Elstow Ordnan. My working conditions are not the best because the factory has a high accident and death risk due to the big dangerous machinery and the guns and bullets we are making.

I have to work long hours, 6 days a week, with one day off but the good thing about the job is that it is really well paid. For example, the least I will get paid is 20 shillings which is 20 shillings more than I used to get paid….

By Martha W

Dear Aunt Nancy,

…The job I am taking part in is not very dangerous. I will be preparing food, helping people from the bombs and organising stock. There is one slight dangerous condition which involves working when there are enemy raids. However, please don’t fret, I will be very careful and you do not have to worry about me.

As part of my working conditions, I have to work 7 days a week which is tiring. Although it is hard work, I believe I can rescue many people in this role…

By Luana CG

Dear Aunt Nancy,

How has it been for you during the war? My disposition has been slightly imposed but I am thrilled to have a job that appeals to my talents!

I am elated to have the job of being in the Women’s Land Army based at Cherry Hill Farm, Cambridgeshire. I have a heart for being in the outside so this job is great! Most of all, I get paid £1.45 which I am glad of as most jobs don’t pay anything at all so I am very lucky! The working conditions might be hard (I am outside in the summer heat for long hours) but I believe it is worthwhile work…

By Tara V

Dear Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ralph,

I’m thrilled that you two are safe and sound! I’ve actually volunteered as a munitions factory worker and I’m based in Bedfordshire. It is, unfortunately, 204 miles away and I’ve heard there is a high risk of accidents due to machinery or highly explosive materials. However, nothing bad has happened to me and the only “accident” I have had resulted in a few, small, harmless scratches. Please don’t worry because everyone in the factory is equipped with protective uniform…

By Miki W


Congratulations to our Prep Sports Stars of the Week –  Elizabeth (Y5), Boe (Y6) and Francesca (Y6)!

Year 3 and 4 played in a football tournament at the Sports Fields during their lesson this week – they were brilliant and really enjoyed it. Well done!

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