7th January 2022


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Dear Parents, 

New Beginnings 

It gives me great pleasure to be part of the Kingsley community now and to write to you this week. I was reflecting with the whole staff when we met on Monday that New Year’s Eve felt very different this year. Whilst I was glad that I was able to meet with family and close friends, there was a tangible air of uncertainty about what lay ahead. I could have let that feeling manifest into full-blown cynicism about what 2022 would bring, but I chose not to. For me, the excitement of joining the Kingsley family provided that joy and sense of purpose that made this New Year’s Eve.  

I see this new beginning as a wonderful opportunity and I am convinced that as a whole community we can achieve great things, overcome whatever challenges we may face, and spur one another on to success. Why is it that we can do this? It is because we are a genuinely kind and caring environment here, and I would like to thank all the pupils, staff and parents that have extended their warm welcome to me this week.  

New Colleagues and Roles 

We have a number of new staff joining us at Kingsley this term who I would like to introduce to you to: 

  • Miss Woollard joins the EYFS team as a Teaching Assistant 
  • Mrs Gonon join the Prep School team also as a Teaching Assistant 
  • Mr Wyatt joins our Site team to help ensure the premises and facilities are well looked after 
  • We also welcome Mr Williams who is on a teacher training placement with us for the first half of the Spring Term 

There are a number of staff who have taken on new roles as well that I would like to share with you: 

  • Mrs Athwal is taking on the role of SENCO and leading the Learning Support Department 
  • Mrs Smith, who has previously worked with our Learning Support Department for many years, is additionally becoming our Learning Mentor within the Sixth Form 

I am sure you will join me in extending your congratulation to Mr Spillane upon the birth of his baby daughter, Aoife, over the Christmas holidays as well.  

New Opportunities 

As the new term begins, we have launched our Spring Enrichment programme offering for pupils across the school. You will see in the attached booklets here the different options available and Senior pupils will be asked to make their choices on Monday morning next week, with the sessions commencing that afternoon. Do have a browse through to see what activities and opportunities are taking place. 

New Connections 

It was lovely to see some of you at the ‘Meet the Head’ events this week and start to build relationships. The partnership between yourselves as parents, the staff at The Kingsley School, and your children is so important and crucial. It is through good trust and communication that we can all strive to achieve the very best for all the pupils in our school. 

We will be holding further opportunities to meet myself and the Senior Leadership Team this term. Please note that we will now be hosting the Cheese and Wine Evening events in smaller groups and on multiple dates. If you wish to join us, please do sign up at the event links below: 

Tuesday 18th January 2022 – 18:00 – 19:30 – Please follow this link for tickets 

Wednesday 19th January 2022 – 18:00 – 19:30 – Please follow this link for tickets 

Tuesday 25th January 2022 – 18:00 – 19:30 – Please follow this link for tickets

New COVID-19 Updates 

And finally, there are further new health updates from the Government with regards to COVID-19 that you will have seen in the news. 

From Tuesday 11th January in England, people who receive positive lateral flow device test results for coronavirus (COVID-19) as part of routine testing will be required to self-isolate immediately and won’t be required to take a confirmatory PCR test. This is a temporary measure while COVID-19 rates remain high across the UK. The Government has advised that whilst levels of COVID-19 are high, the vast majority of people with positive lateral flow device results can be confident that they have COVID-19. 

Lateral flow tests are taken by people who do not have COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone who develops 1 of the 3 main COVID-19 symptoms should stay at home, self-isolate and take a PCR test. The main symptoms are: 

  • a high temperature 
  • a new, continuous cough 
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste 

They must self-isolate if they get a positive test result, even if they have had a recent negative lateral flow test – these rules have not changed. 

Current guidance can be found here: 


Please ensure that your child is provided with a face covering (and a bag to contain it) for whenever they are required to wear one. 

 I wish you a safe and happy weekend, 

James Mercer-Kelly


In this new series of articles, we share some helpful advice, tips and activities on how to keep your children safe online. Over the next few weeks we are publishing a very well thought out and age appropriate set of activities that will enable you to engage with your young people at home.


Learning a catchy song helps get the message about staying safe online across.


This week we’re talking about taking steps to stay safe online and reinforcing the need to be kind.



This section gives strategies for building trust. Letting young people explore their world but developing those new safeguards that we would develop with them (as responsible parents) in the offline world. Sometimes it’s hard to do when you don’t understand what your young people do online but it’s also about good role modelling.




Congratulations to Scarlett in Year 7, who has been accepted into the National Children’s Choir following a successful audition. A fantastic achievement – well done Scarlett!


Bella in Year 10 has just been awarded the Most Improved Player award for her age group at the Berkswell and Balsall Common Tennis Club. A superb accolade, well done Bella!


Jessica in Year 13 is performing as a soloist with Bedford Symphony Orchestra at the Bedford Corn Exchange on Saturday 29th January. Jessica will be performing Vaughan Williams’ Concerto for Oboe in A Minor.

A superb opportunity as part of an exciting programme of music! Tickets and info are available at the link below:



The Warwick Independent Schools Foundation and the Orchestra of the Swan are proud to announce their ground-breaking new partnership, aimed at creating a centre of musical excellence in Warwickshire on the Foundation site in Warwick.

As part of this partnership, Orchestra of the Swan will perform three exciting and accessible concerts in Warwick Hall which we hope will appeal to everybody!

The first concert on the on Thursday 20th January 2022 is titled Arcadiana. Directed and performed by dazzling virtuoso clarinettist Michael Collins, the centrepiece of this concert will be a performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Composed in 1791, it remains one of his most enduringly popular pieces and demonstrates Mozart’s obvious love of the clarinet. Schubert’s perfectly conceived 5th Symphony showcases his infatuation with Mozart and represents something of a personal tribute to his idol.

Visit the website below to book your tickets.


Reminders & Notices


Happy New Year! The Kingsley PE Department would like to remind all parents of the following –

  1. Full Outdoor PE kit will be required for all Games lessons, including a hat and gloves.
  2. During all PE and Games lessons no jewellery is allowed.
  3. Newly pierced ears are permitted to be taped temporarily, but under no circumstances are earrings allowed to be worn or taped in any netball sports fixture.

Miss Windsor
Head of PE


Please view our lunch menus at the links below. Next week will be Week 2.

Prep School Menu

Senior School Menu


We love to hear about our pupils’ successes outside of school. Please do keep us updated with any news items – sporting achievements, performing opportunities, charity work, and everything in between, so that we can celebrate in school and with our community via online channels. Please send any details through to schooloffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk FAO Mr Farrington-Smith.

Prep School Bulletin


Dear Parents,

I would like to begin by wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year on behalf of all the staff at The Kingsley Preparatory School!

It is was a pleasure to welcome the children back on Wednesday; they all arrived smartly, in full uniform and presenting a heartening enthusiasm for learning. We have managed to fit in an impressive amount of activity during this shortened week, including an additional PE slot for Key Stage 2, Anglo-Saxon shield making, celebrating “el dia de los reyes magos” and much more. We are resolutely committed to working hard and reaching our full potential.

Please remember that children in Year 3 through to 6 will recommence swimming lessons on Monday morning, leaving school at 8.40am. In order to facilitate arriving on time, children should arrive wearing their bathing costume under their uniform; please remind the children to pack clean underwear in their bags.

Thank you for feedback regarding the new approach to Enrichment and Co-Curricular activities. We are pleased that this service has improved so much, but remain committed to finding a system which operates thoroughly for all ages and stages of the Prep School. We value your comments most sincerely, and I hope you continue to suggest ways in which we can enhance our practice.

The Nasal Flu Immunisation Team will be visiting on Tuesday 11th January 2022 for those children who signed up to make use of this service. We expect the whole process to take just over an hour; all children will be supervised before and after administration.

Ms Felicite Woodruff-Burke will join us from Monday the 10th January 2022 as part of her Teaching Direct placement through The Arden Forest Alliance. Ms Woodruff- Burke will predominantly be attached to Year 3 but will be supporting and observing in a range of classrooms. We look forward to welcoming her then.

Very best wishes for a pleasant weekend.

Mrs Monica Gamble
Head of Prep


It was lovely to hear all the exciting stories and news from the Pre-school children’s Christmas holidays.

They have all returned excited to start the new term and our new topic, ‘Seasons and Weather’. We are starting off with our current season, winter. The children have been exploring ice, which had arctic animals frozen inside! We had some lovely discussions on how ice is made, how it feels and how we could get them out.

Our home corner has been turned into a campsite, so the children have been camping out, cooking barbecues, and having picnics!


This week we have introduced the topic, ‘Seasons and Weather’. Our class text is The Snow Queen and so Thursday’s snow flurry was perfectly timed to look for faces in the snow and hunt for wintry treasures.


Year 1 have had a wonderful few days back in School. They started their new topic, ‘Once upon a Time’, by looking at a variety of books. In DT, the children are going to be devising and making their own moving pictures, with slider mechanisms and lift-the-flap images. Watch this space to find out how their crafting progresses!


As part of their art lesson, the Year 2 pupils produced some beautiful self portraits, making observations about positioning of facial features and symmetry in faces, using a variety of materials. The finished works are ready to go up in a display and look absolutely super!


Year 3 have been busy designing and creating their Anglo Saxon shields ready for battle!  They considered the reasons why the Anglo Saxons created bright colours and designs. They discovered that the shields would have been made out of two layers of wood stuck together with fish or cheese glue.


Year 4 would like to wish everyone in our school a very Happy New Year! The class has returned to school full of energy and enthusiasm for the new term ahead and the pupils are very much looking forward to getting to know the newest member of the form, Darcie.

The class have started a new unit of English work which focuses on the poetry of Christina Rossetti. Her work certainly inspired much discussion in the form! Here is the class collating their ideas to write about how the selection of poems are similar and different and then decide which was their favourite.

To tie in with the wintery weather, the class have been working on creating an artwork that has been inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night composition. Year 4 looked very closely at how the artist has created swirls and patterns in his sky and then tried to recreate this effect using a combination of pastels and coloured pencils.  Here are the class, sketching and layering the shades of blue to create the sky and showing off their creativity. I can’t wait to see the finished versions.


Year 5 are continuing to learn about forces in their science lessons with Miss Knight-Adams.  Before the Christmas holidays, the focus was Air Resistance. They learned about helpful uses of the force, including parachutes, and how air resistance can be unhelpful when cycling.  Did you know that when astronauts visited the moon, they tested Galileo’s theory, dropping a feather and hammer, which both reached the ground at the same time? The class had lots of fun in their practical lesson, making a variety of parachutes from plastic bags,  and tested them by dropping from a height to see which would take the longest time to reach the ground.

This week, the focus was Water Resistance. The first activity was to test 3 different shapes of modelling clay to see which travelled the quickest down a cylinder of water. They concluded that a cone shape had the least water resistance because it was streamlined. Using this knowledge, the class worked in small groups to design a streamlined boat. Year 5 then tested their boats to see which boat travelled the quickest and easiest through water. The task involved team work, design, engineering and lots of fun!


Year 6 have had an exciting start to the new Spring term. One particular highlight from our shorter week has been working with Mr Thompson, in STEM, to dismantle an array of household items such as toasters, kettles and printers in order to investigate their composite parts. One group even took apart an old lectern which has historically been used during assemblies!

In Drama, the Year 6 pupils embarked upon the devising process in order to create a short play which they will be working on over the next couple of weeks. Yesterday, the pupils had to use the stimulus line ‘Jean Russell suddenly jumped up as the phone rang. She thought it was the police!’ to consider possible plot lines for their plays. It will be exciting to see how all of their dramatic creations develop over the coming weeks.

Lastly, Year 6 have started to reflect on the successes of the Autumn term and form targets for their English work this term. The pupils were able to maturely appraise their work to date and have identified key areas to focus on over the next term.


Prep PE started their new term with netball and football yesterday down at the sports field. All pupils participated really well despite the cold, cold weather!

Sports stars of the week are Emilia P, Harriet R, and Poppy T. Well done all!

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