4th February 2022


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Dear Parents, 

The cameras are rolling today in Beauchamp Avenue with filming taking place for a TV drama. The production company chose the area because of the way it appears, and that made me reflect on how we present ourselves as a community at Kingsley.  

Whilst outward appearance is important, it is more important that our inner character is the very best it can be when we consider how we present ourselves to the world. I was pleased to see lots of pupils in the Prep School receive prizes for their ‘Marvellous Manners’ in their celebration assembly this morning. I have also been struck by the polite and well-mannered approach of the Senior School and Sixth Form students when they are talking with myself and my colleagues.  

Being mindful of others, actively listening and showing mutual respect in how we conduct ourselves can sometimes be undervalued in today’s society. I want Kingsley to be a community where we positively recognise and celebrate these characteristics in one another. This will then allow us to powerfully demonstrate to the outside world that which we inwardly value. 

With kind regards, 

James Mercer-Kelly


Important notices and reminders

Listening@Kingsley Survey

The survey closes after this weekend, so do please take this opportunity to share your thoughts.   

Listening@Kingsley 2022 Survey

Your reflective comments will then help to inform the future direction and strategy for how we can confidently take The Kingsley School forward to be the very best it can be.



We continue to be vigilant with regards to Covid and have been tackling any local clusters of cases in line with the guidance we have received from Public Health England and the government. May I remind you of the continued importance of twice weekly testing and that you should inform the School of any positive cases is via the reporting link below; 


We are ever grateful as a whole community for your continued support. 


Filming and Parking Restrictions 4th – 8th February

Please can all parents be aware that on Friday 4th, Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th February there will be filming taking place in the vicinity of Kingsley School. This will mean that there is no parking on Beauchamp Avenue between the zebra crossing and Clarendon Square. The roads will remain open to traffic, however parents should be aware that they may need to wait whilst the cameras are rolling. I recommend allowing extra time for your journey and parking on those dates if you are driving to Kingsley. 


Email Billing

All families will have received a communication last Friday from the Foundation Billing Department (billing@warwickschools.co.uk) about the move to email billing for School fees. lease kindly ensure that you carefully read and follow the instructions in that message and complete the form by the deadline today, Friday 4th February. Do check your email junk folder if you have not yet seen the message.  





Are you interested in apprenticeships? We are hosting an evening event on Wednesday 9th February as part of National Apprenticeship Week, including a talk from external speaker Donna Dean, which will offer students and parents an opportunity to find out more about:
  •  Higher and degree apprenticeships
  •  Companies offering apprenticeship opportunities
  •  How to search for opportunities
  •  Top application tips
  •  Apprenticeship myth busting!

The event is available for all, with a recommendation for students and parents in Year 9 and above.

Would you like to join? Book your free place here!


As always, our talented photographers have interpreted this week’s theme in a range of different ways and never cease to surprise me. Aimee has taken a photo of a pair of glasses, considering how lenses alter our depth of vision, while Emily and Grace have created an exaggerated sense of depth by using dramatic camera angles. Georgia has taken the theme most literally, looking at the depth of water, while also taking a superb photo of some stone arches leading into a courtyard. Great photos once again, everyone!

This next week’s theme will be ‘Fill the Frame’. This basically means you have to zoom in really close to something so the thing you’re photographing is cropped tightly and fills the whole image.

Get inspiration from https://kingsleyart.uk/photoclub and then upload your images to Class Charts.

Mr Lax
Head of Art and Photography


The Independent Schools Association is holding a film, animation and digital art competition and I was wondering if any of you would like to take part? Maybe you use Procreate on your iPad in your spare time or make stop-motion animations? Or maybe you like to play around with Photoshop to create surreal scenes? If this is up your street please come chat to me or drop me an email and I’ll look into the entry requirements for you!
Mr Lax
Head of Art and Photography

Reminders & Notices


A reminder to please send any medical updates, including changes in medicine and dietary requirements, to Mrs Ball at nurse@kingsleyschool.co.uk.


Please view our lunch menus at the links below. Next week will be Week 2.

Prep School Menu

Senior School Menu


We love to hear about our pupils’ successes outside of school. Please do keep us updated with any news items – sporting achievements, performing opportunities, charity work, and everything in between, so that we can celebrate in school and with our community via online channels. Please send any details through to schooloffice@kingsleyschool.co.uk FAO Mr Farrington-Smith.

Prep School Bulletin


It has been another quiet week in Prep School due to our local outbreak, but I am pleased to report that all school activities will resume as normal from Monday 7th February 2022.  Please remind all pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 to bring their swimming kit into school on Monday morning.

This week has been National Storytelling Week and I was pleased to begin the week with a tale about Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster’s plight to source new spectacles!  The children have concentrated on the importance of being able to tell a tale, as well as being able to read and to write one.  It is a theme which we will continue to develop over time.

The Year 6 girls represented Kingsley at an inter-schools Netball Tournament, finishing fifth out of eighteen participating teams.

We celebrated the start of the Year of the Tiger for Chinese New Year, and began our countdown towards the Winter Olympics; Mrs Norris gave an informative assembly on Wednesday, whetting our appetite for what is to come this weekend.

I was very proud of Prep’s swift evacuation during fire drill rehearsal; they behaved impeccably with which Mrs McCullough was delighted.

Tuesday is Safer Internet Day; we will be paying particular attention to appropriate use of social media and why age restrictions are set for such platforms.

Please remember filming continues to take place at Clarendon Square next Monday and Tuesday.

This Sunday, Her Majesty, The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.  We look forward to joining in with celebrations later in the year.

I hope the sun remains shining and you all enjoy a very pleasant weekend.

Mrs Monica Gamble
Interim Head of Prep


This week in Pre-school we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We have read the story of The Lunar New Year. The Jade Emperor asked the animals to race across the river to decide which animals the years would be named after. We used puppets to retell the story. We also cut out and used 2d shapes to create our own dragons and painted Chinese numbers.


Reception have been season detectives. They have analysed a picture and used their knowledge of the changing seasons to determine whether the story is set in Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer. Then, using their Phonics and key words they have written up the clues before telling the rest of the class their conclusion. We love Literacy in Reception!


Year 1 and Year 2 spent their RE lesson learning about Chinese New Year.

This year is the Year of the Tiger and the children enjoyed learning about how each year was named by the ancient Jade Emperor, after animals that took part in a race across a river.

The children made drums to help with dragon dances, writing their initials in Mandarin on one side.

Chinese New Year is marked with cleaning, exchanging red money envelopes, dragon dances, fireworks and making offerings.

Chinese New Year runs until the 17th February. We wish all members of our community a wonderful and prosperous new year. Kung Hei Fat Choy!


Year 2 spent the afternoon on Thursday trying out ‘Fluid Art’ on canvasses. Each child had their very own canvas, and by applying a technique of layering different colour acrylic paints mixed with water they were able to make some fantastic individualised art work. The artwork will be showcased in a display.


In Year 3, our class reader is based on our Anglo-Saxon topic and is called ‘Freedom for Bron: The Boy Who Saved a Kingdom’. It is a story of a young boy who is a blacksmith’s slave and his bid for freedom with an old, but strong and wise warrior called Beogard. The children have been testing their ability to recall the story through our Guided Reading and Reading Comprehension sessions. They have also had to consider their own thoughts and feelings if they were put in the same position as Bron. It has certainly been thought provoking.

In Creative Curriculum, we have been getting ready for our Anglo Saxon day up at the field by preparing our (pretend!) shields, swords and daggers. We cannot wait!


In order to celebrate National Storytelling Week, Year 4 have been developing their understanding of the oral storytelling tradition by creating their own story based on some of the traditional tales that they have come across. The class learned that storytelling predates writing; the earliest forms of storytelling were usually oral and were combined with gestures and expressions. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and instilling moral values. At one point a story would have been the only source of information about the rest of the world.

During Year 4’s maths lessons this week, we have been reviewing our knowledge of multiples and multiplication. Our week started with a challenge to order and recognise multiples of 25, 100 and 1000 before moving on to practise our skills with using the formal written method to multiply. The class also had a chance to test their own multiplication skills by deciding which calculations were best suited to being worked out mentally and which should be answered using formal written methods.


Year 5 have been learning about factors, multiples and prime numbers in recent mathematics lessons. The pupils have been finding factors of numbers, common multiples and common factors. They have also created factor trees and been identifying prime numbers. They finished this topic in a fun mathematics lesson (at home and in school), making factor bugs and factor flowers!


One of the highlights of this week has been hearing about our Year 6 U11 netball team playing their first ISA Netball Tournament at St Edward’s in Cheltenham. The team finished 5th in their group – a fantastic achievement, we are all very proud!


In Forest School this week, Years 3 and 4 learned how to lay three different types of fire. The ‘waffle’, the ‘teepee’ and the ‘star’. Sadly it was too windy to light them, but we are hoping to re-lay them to find out which is the best fire-lay by lighting them and keeping them alight.

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