This is a subject we offer only at AS and A2 level and it is a wonderful opportunity to try something new. Politics is exciting because people disagree; the challenge of studying this subject is that you develop your own views and opinions based on what we study in the lessons. There are no absolute right or wrong answers but different interpretations based on the evidence.

In the first year we look at eight aspects of the British political system and usually find there is plenty of time to complete the course before the two exam papers in May.

In the second year we study American politics which is covered well by the British media, giving us plenty of news to watch and examples to use.

This is a subject that makes full use of current political events so that we are as up to date as possible with our examples. This means we need to use television news, newspapers and the web as sources of information in lessons.

It provides an excellent background for anyone considering a career in the law or media.