12th May 2022 Alicia Peacock

Investments and Returns

Dear Kingsley Community, 

The Summer Term is in full swing and we are delighted to have so many opportunities for our pupils to bond together, broaden their horizons and enrich their minds both within and outside of the classroom.  

Whilst the Autumn Term is about laying the foundations and is very much the ‘engine room’ of the academic year, the Summer Term is where we get to see the fruits of our labours. The more time and effort we invest in our education, the brighter the prospects and better the rewards that are returned.  

Our thoughts may firstly turn to the forthcoming exams, and summer is of course the time when we review the progress made during the year with public examinations and end of year tests. Here at Kingsley, we recognise the importance of approaching this period with a positive mindset and doing our very best. Alongside that we also want to promote a balanced approach to our wellbeing. To that end, I am delighted that Mrs Alton, our Head of English and Head of Year 10, has shared her wisdom on this topic in this edition of Kingsley Moments. 

However, there are far more things that one accomplishes over the course of a year that cannot be measured by exam grades and reports. I believe that education is about far more than rote learning of facts, and extends into the realm of building character, developing interpersonal skills and equipping young people for the real world. That is why experiences such as our recent Duke of Edinburgh expeditions add so much value; they enable participants to solve problems, work as a team and overcome challenges – and all in a fun and memorable way.  

I was delighted to share in the celebrations of our Year 11 and 13 students as they went on exam study leave this week. They showed appreciation for their teachers, shared wonderful memories, and demonstrated courage as they sit the first public examinations held since 2019. I am very proud of them, and indeed our whole Kingsley community. They have and will continue to achieve great things and I know they will make a difference in our world. They have invested in their education in the fullest sense and I look forward to seeing the returns they receive in the coming years. 

James Mercer-Kelly