Health and Social Care

Through studying health and social care students learn about the different forms of communication and interactions, and consider how effective communication can be enhanced or hindered.   They also explore different life stages and factors that effect and impact on the development of children to adults.  Throughout the variety of modules students develop an understanding of different theories and are able to explain them through the use of case studies and real life experiences from a work placement.  They also learn how to analyse the benefits and weaknesses of these theories which can be applied to context such as health, education and child care.

Key Stage 5:  Years 12 and 13 A level/A Level equivalent

This qualification is achieved through a one year course which can be taught alongside other AS options.  To achieve the certificate three modules need to be completed.  To achieve the introductory diploma a further three modules are completed in Year 13.  Therefore it requires two years to achieve and is taught alongside other A Level options.  Module choices can be flexible.

These qualifications are assessed by coursework only; there are no exams in health and social care.

Extra-curricular Activities

All students are encouraged to participate in a work placement based in any health or social care setting; such as nurseries or retirement homes.

Students spend a session at a local nursery where they have the opportunity to speak to staff and observe interactions of young children.

Students often lead creative sessions with younger students in the school as part of their coursework evidence e.g. decorating biscuits.