Senior School Curriculum

Business Studies and Economics

Key Stages 3 and 4

Business and enterprise is introduced into the curriculum in years 7 to 11 through exciting enterprise challenges designed to broaden their thinking, develop their entrepreneurial skills and work in teams to achieve specific objectives.  It is delivered in mixed ability groups at all key stages.

Key Stage 5: A Level

Girls can opt to study towards A Levels in Business and /or Economics.  They need not have studied these subjects at Key Stage 4 to succeed in Years 12 and 13 at either of these subjects.

A Level Business aims to help girls to develop an understanding of business organisations, and the main business functions ie marketing, human resources, finance and production.  They will study the behaviour of firms at a local, national and international level and develop skills in marketing, finance, operations/production/logistics and human resource management as well as gaining an appreciation of the ways in which the external environment has an impact on businesses.

A Level Economics aims to provide an insight into key issues in the news affecting everyday life.  The study of economics focuses on the ways in which finite resources such as labour and capital are put to use. Its scope is vast, from the most meagre exchange of goods to the workings of the stock market to the use of Government and international policies to influence the economic landscape.  It is an extremely well regarded subject by both employers and universities.